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Golems aren’t the best-supported creature type in Magic. There aren’t even 150 Golem creature cards, and that’s including cards like Gilded Sentinel and Phyrexian Hulk, which aren’t cards that anyone is getting too excited about. It is possible, however, to build a very sweet Golem tribal deck in EDH, with a significant portion of the creature suite dedicated not to Golems, but to cards that instead create Golem tokens. 

That’s just the sort of list that Vanquishking built – a green-white deck that looks to churn out as many golem tokens as possible, and provide them with a range of benefits with splicers and other cards that buff artifact creatures. There’s a lot of surprising Golem synergy available to these decks – let’s dive in and have a look!




Selesnya Golems by Vanquishking

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Amongst the most important creatures in this deck are, of course, the splicers. All the splicers make at least one 3/3 Golem, but in addition to that, they grant all Golems you control different abilities. Blade Splicer gives then first strike, Vital Splicer lets you regenerate them, Sensor Splicer gives them vigilance and Maul Splicer gives them trample. Most important, however, is Master Splicer, who acts as a traditional Golem lord, giving them +1/+1 – this means that with all the splicers out, your Golem tokens will be vigilant trampling 4/4 first strikers that can regenerate. Not bad!

Awakened AmalgamBronze GuardianSolemn Simulacrum

As for the actual Golems in this list, there are some good ones (there are some bad ones, too, but let’s not focus on that). Awakened Amalgam can get huge with all the different lands you play (including the Urzatron lands, interestingly enough), Bronze Guardian helps to protect the team with ward and the classic Solemn Simulacrum – an EDH favorite – also happens to be a Golem. 

Darksteel ColossusBlightsteel ColossusTriplicate TitanPhyrexian Triniform

But the real action is at the top end. Darksteel and Blightsteel Colossus are both golems, while both Triplicate Titan and Phyrexian Triniform generate a lot of 3/3s, ready to be buffed by splicers, Bloodline Pretender, Brass Herald, and – of course, one of your commanders, Ich-Tekik, Salvage Splicer

Organic ExtinctionTempered SteelBrilliant RestorationForsaken Monument

I also like some of the unfair stuff you can do with your utility cards in this list. Organic Extinction will often be close to Plague Wind, Tempered Steel is a ridiculously efficient boost for your Golems, costing just three mana for +2/+2, while Brilliant Restoration can help you recover from an opposing sweeper. My favorite card in the list, however, is undoubtedly Forsaken Monument – doubling your colorless mana, drawing you cards and turning your 3/3s into 5/5s. 

It’s an overlooked tribe, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a powerful one. Rebbec and Ich-Tekik come together to generate, grow and protect a mighty Golem army, and help you push towards a top-end that will be very difficult for people to meaningfully contest as you dump huge amounts of power and toughness into play. If you’re looking for a new tribe to play with, check out what’s on offer with Golems!


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  1. Last I checked you can’t play cards of a differing color than what is in your commanders color identity, and the companion must also be with in the commanders color identity. You can’t make a duel color deck with a single color commander….

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