Sea Monster Tribal with Thryx! – EDH Showcase

Mono-blue decks can be divisive things at the EDH table. Many people don’t like playing against counterspells (but weirdly don’t seem to mind Doom Blades that much), and mono-blue decks tend to be filled with not just counterspells but all sorts of annoying ways to bounce creatures and otherwise mess with what you’re doing. Today’s mono-blue list, sent in by @_hatebear, does have all those elements – but it’s got a sweet way to close out games that it has seized control of. Rather than a commander like Talrand, Sky Summoner or Minn, Wily Illusionist, this deck is led by Thryx, the Sudden Storm. Why? Because it’s got a suite of massive sea monsters to close out games!




Thryx Commander by _hatebear

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There’s a lot of stuff in this deck you’ve come to expect of mono-blue EDH. There are counterspells – a lot of them – but some extremely sweet ones like Desertion and Aethersnatch (which Thryx both cheapens and makes uncounterable, of course). There are also the usual suspects when it comes to board interaction, with everything from Aetherspouts to Cyclonic Rift. All that is to be expected, sure – as is the artifact-based ramp suite, which gets to play Gauntlet of Power as it’s a monocolored deck. Nice. 

Where things really start to heat up is when we look at how this deck seeks to contest the mid-to-late-game. Given that Thryx cheapens big spells and makes them uncounterable, the suite of sea monsters this deck plays is perfect to take advantage of the commander’s abilities. What’s more, the majority of these colossal monsters have interactive abilities that can be devastating on a cramped EDH board state.

Serpent of Yawning DepthsScourge of FleetsDraining WhelkHullbreaker Horror

Serpent of Yawning Depths guarantees your team will get in there. Breaching Leviathan, Slinn Voda, the Rising Deep and Scourge of Fleets either tap or bounce the opposing squads. Draining Whelk and Voracious Greatshark counter stuff, while Spawning Kraken and Shark Typhoon flood the board with tokens. There’s even Hullbreaker Horror, just in case you’re not sick of playing it in Standard!

Mass ManipulationAgent of TreacheryBlatant Thievery

The best part of the deck for my money, however, is the unapologetic suite of Control Magics that it plays. I mentioned before cards like Desertion and Aethersnatch – they’re joined by everything from Mass Manipulation to Agent of Treachery to Blatant Thievery. All of them cheaper, all of them uncounterable, assuming you have your commander out!

Leyline of AnticipationVedalken Orrery

This deck goes big, but looks like it might be able to get away with it supported as it is by the ramp suite and early countermagic to stave off potential threats. As the game unfolds, the counters become even more deadly in conjunction with Leyline of Anticipation or Vedalken Orrery, which means opponents won’t know whether to play around a counterspell or an enormous beast of the briny deeps. 

I like this list a lot, and while I don’t think I’d be one to sit down at the Commander table with a mono-blue deck stuffed with counterspells, I like that this is a different take on the archetype and has a powerful and very cool late game with all those sea monsters.

If you’ve got a deck you’d like to be shown off, I’d love to see it! Anything fun or silly is particularly welcome, but I’m open to all submissions. Send ”em in! The best way to do this is on Twitter, via DM.


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