Say This Five Times Fast – Standard Dimir Lier – Deck Highlight


Standard Dimir Lier by KELMASTERP




Today’s deck is a Dimir Lier Control deck that showed up in the recent MTGO deck dump. This particular deck was from a Standard preliminary event and went 4-0 in the hands of KELMASTERP.


I like the look of this deck. It focuses on Lier, Disciple of the Drowned, which is a super fun card to play with, but this deck also uses a couple copies of Blood on the Snow. Blood on the Snow plus Lier is actually pretty cool as, when casting Blood on the Snow from the graveyard, you can put Lier right back onto the battlefield. In the late game, something like Blood on the Snow, return Lier and cast Duress will likely be enough to win the game.


Sedgemoor WitchDivide by Zero

This deck has a bit of cheap pressure with Sedgemoor Witch, and a way to bridge the gap to the midgame with Divide by Zero. It also has good card advantage with Memory Deluge in addition to the Lier, as previously mentioned. Overall, this looks like a decent deck to try. It might be tough to overcome the Izzet Epiphany decks, but the deck does have a lot of tools.



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