Running the Gauntlet – Boros, Day 5 (Conclusion)

Welcome to the last day of Boros testing! The previous four days can be found here:

Boros vs RUG
Boros vs Vampires
Boros vs Valakut
Boros vs Cawblade

Despite my natural aversion to attacking with Goblin Guide, I was pleasantly surprised by the Boros deck. That may have been because I was siding out Goblin Guide in every matchup, but still! Here is the final list I used:

The changes I made aren’t numerous, but they are important. I cut an Arc Trail for a Journey to Nowhere, the two Hero of Oxid Ridge for a Koth and a Stoneforge Mystic, and changed the sideboard a bit. In the sideboard, I maxed out on Kor Firewalkers by cutting Divine Offering. Basically, I made the deck more boring. Koth, Stoneforge, and Firewalker were all the best maindeck/sideboard cards, so I just went up to four of each, trimming the fat on the way.

How did the changes do?

Channel LSV: Standard Gauntlet – Boros Daily Event

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This DE was actually reasonably good at testing the changes made. I got to see how awesome Firewalker and Koth were, which made me glad I had four of each, and I got to lose because I never drew [card]Mark of Mutiny[/card], a card I clearly should have access to at least three of.

I beat MonoRed Goblins (played somewhat unevenly), Cawblade, and RUG, all fairly easily, and lost a close match to Valakut. I thought I couldn’t lose game one until he dropped a (Wurm)coil on me, and game three I was handily defeated, though Mark would have done the trick.

Thoughts on Boros

I like this deck way more than I thought I would. It actually is able to beat down and play control, all while remaining very consistent. The mana isn’t bad, and I really like the sideboarding plan this deck has. Most people make their deck only marginally better against you, since the cards you board in completely trump theirs. Even if they anticipate this, the cards you board in are still awesome, and you usually pressure them enough to make things very difficult.

Koth is unreal awesome, you still get to play Stoneforge Mystic, and Kor Firewalker + Sword of Body and Mind is a beating against a number of popular decks.

I would definitely endorse this deck, and I wouldn’t even say it is out of the question for me to play it in Dallas this weekend (though I make no promises). I’m not exaggerating; I actually just tested this deck exactly like I was playtesting it for an event (which I was), and here is what I have!

Good luck to everyone who wields this beast in upcoming tournaments, and let me know if you do well.

Next week I’ll be focusing on the various Cawblade builds, running each through tournaments and comparing the differences.



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