Running the Gauntlet – Boros, Day 4 (Cawblade)

Time to take on public enemy number 1! Cawblade is undoubtedly the most dominant deck right now, and the fate of every deck certainly hinges on this matchup. For those who missed them, here are this week’s prior episodes:

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I was optimistic going in, since this Boros list in particular was designed with the Hawks in mind. The maindeck isn’t that noteworthy, but the sideboard plan is. Boarding in a ton of cards (Sparkmages, big threats, and more) not only makes your deck awesome against them but also levels their sideboarding, since they add in removal that is no longer all that good.

Day 4: UWB Cawblade, piloted by wrapter.

Channel LSV: Standard Gauntlet – Boros vs. UWb

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Preboard Games

I lost one preboard game, and that was on a mull to 5. I’m not saying he didn’t have his fair share of bad draws, but overall it felt pretty good. Fast pressure + equipment put a lot of pressure on him, and the Bolts and Arc Trails were able to keep him from ever mounting a good offense. In particular, Koth was awesome (both pre and post board).






This was the moment my sideboard was waiting for. It was time to GO BIG! I expected him to take out Leaks (since that’s what we did in Paris and that’s what makes the most sense), and the removal he was bringing in didn’t worry me. Postboard, Steppe Lynx and Hero of Oxid Ridge are the only guys removal even trades with evenly, since Hawk, Mystic, Sparkmage, and all the Planeswalkers get value.

Postboard Games

I managed a clean sweep here, and more importantly, it always felt like I was both in control and the better aggressor. All my early threats made him tap out, at which point I could just drop a stream of trump cards. Koth was absurd, and a fourth would be nice. It is a pretty nice setup to have the early action and the powerful lategame, and right now I feel Boros does that in this matchup. I’ve played numerous games besides these three matches, and overall it has been quite positive. Even though there is some risk in me writing about this, I’m not worried. If they do try and leave in Mana Leaks, you can just wait for them to tap out, since it isn’t like you are forced to walk into them, and leaving in Goblin Guide might not be the worst.

Cards I wanted

A fourth Koth over a Hero, but that’s about it. This went pretty perfectly, so no reason to change much.

Possible cuts

I need a Hero (to cut).

Well, that wraps up our gauntlet matches. I’m going to make a few changes (though small), and throw this against the rest of the field. Let’s see what happens!



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