Rule of Law – Channel Ireball

Inspired by something I found on the internet that video gamers were doing, I asked my Magic friends to help me come up with funny names and concepts by taking a Magic card and removing exactly one letter from its name. I call the game “Ireball.” Gary Talim was first to post, and as is typical, he outsmarted me right out of the gate:

After that, things really got rolling. Below is merely an excerpt. I’ve selected some of my favorites and some of the “fan favorites” based on the number of “Likes” in the thread. I can’t wait to see what you guys can add to the list in the comments below this article, or on Twitter using #ChannelIreball.

NOTE ABOUT COMMENTS/TWITTER: step 1) see what jokes and cards other people have already used, step 2) post your comment. Don’t be the guy or gal who posts one from the article or someone else’s earlier comment.

Hope you enjoyed the thread as much as I did.

-Matt Sperling
mtg_law_etc on Twitter, and don’t forget the #ChannelIreball


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