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When Adventures in the Forgotten Realms was released, I was excited to try to build a D&D-themed Commander deck. I didn’t think there was a critical mass of venture cards in order to support a full-on dungeon delving theme, and I very much hope that changes with the upcoming Battle for Baldur’s Gate. Some people, however, went ahead and built decks with venture subthemes, and I’ve been browsing through them recently as a starting point. 

One such deck was built by SystemASG, and while at its core it is a reanimator deck – which is what Sefris of the Hidden Ways is designed to support – it has a couple of subthemes I really like. The first, of course, is venture, but the second is blinking creatures. I have an entire deck built around blinking creatures, as it’s one of my favorite things to do in Magic, so this deck caught my eye for a couple of reasons!




Sefris Venture by SystemASG

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Sefris provides a “free” reanimation every time you complete a dungeon. This means you don’t just want plenty of ways to venture, but also plenty of things to reanimate, and this deck has no shortage of them. From Ashen Rider to Agent of Treachery, from Angel of the Ruins to Archon of Cruelty, there are plenty of huge monsters to bring back from the graveyard. Some of them, like Radiant Solar, even synergize with the venture plan! There are also ways to get them in the bin nice and quickly, with things like Faithful Mending, Entomb and Frantic Search.

Barrowin of Clan UndurrNadaar, Selfless PaladinHama Pashar, Ruin SeekerDungeon Map

In terms of venturing, however, there actually aren’t all that many ways to do it. Sefris, of course, can venture a couple of times a turn cycle, and is joined by other legends like Barrowin of Clan Undurr, and Nadaar, Selfless Paladin in getting you through dungeons. Hama Pashar, Ruin Seeker is there to provide you with extra triggers, and Dungeon Map can get you a little deeper without relying on creatures – especially when some of the other venture creatures are… not great (I’m looking at you, Cloister Gargoyle and Displacer Beast). 

Baleful StrixSun TitanSoulherderPanharmonicon (Timeshifted)

What I really like, however, is the blink aspect of this list. A huge number of creatures in this deck have enter-the-battlefield effects, at all points on the curve: from Baleful Strix to Ravenous Chupacabra to Sun Titan. You can get extra value from these creatures with Soulherder, Thassa, Deep-Dwelling or Teleportation Circle – and, of course, there’s Panharmonicon to double up on all those triggers. 

I hope that with the release of Battle for Baldur’s Gate, we’ll have more venture options and will be able to build decks that are more closely focused on D&D-related mechanics. As a huge D&D fan, I love seeing the game represented in Magic, and maybe I’ll use this venture list as a starting point in making my own D&D-themed deck in the future! 


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