Rietzl, Yuuya and Sperling Join Team Fireball!

Paul Rietzl, Yuuya Watanabe and Matt Sperling join Team Fireball!

Paul Rietzl
With a win last year at Pro Tour Amsterdam and a finals appearance at Pro Tour Paris earlier this year, Paul is on the short list of best active players. He has three Pro Tour and three Grand Prix top 8s in his career.

Yuuya Watanabe
Yuuya, part of the Japanese contingent, is best known for his Rookie of the Year title in 2007 and Player of the Year title in 2009. He has one Pro Tour Top 8 and ten Grand Prix Top 8s to his name.

Matt Sperling
With a Top 16 finish at Pro Tour San Juan, a 19th place finish at Amsterstam, and a 22nd place finish at Worlds in Chiba this past year, Matt has quietly positioned himself as one of the best rising stars in the game. He is a well published writer and a master of Eternal formats.

Stay tuned for strategy videos and articles from the new members of our team!

39 thoughts on “Rietzl, Yuuya and Sperling Join Team Fireball!”

  1. The business. It is now clear that CF has a better team than Star City. However, star city is still dominating because of their open series. CF needs to launch their own tournament circuit and claim the crown of #1 magic website that they deserve.

  2. This is awesome news. CB now just needs to dominate the mid-west/west coast area with tournaments to keep up with StarCity. Congratulations on the AAwesome team you guys have.

  3. Good to see the recruitment of great writers and players. I’m cursing myself for having payed scg premium once again, cause these days I can’t help but feel the need to puke when reading starcity whereas this site is just solidifying its state of being solid gold.

  4. YES! its executive decisions like these that keep me coming back to cf, with no reason to want to go to anywhere else.

  5. And the rich get richer. Great additions to an already superior site. Can’t wait to see their contributions and interactions with the other CF members.

  6. Poor TCGPlayer, losing Flores was bad enough, and Rietzel was the only reason I ever visited. That’s okay, this site is getting better and better.

  7. I was glad when Rule of Law left before πŸ™ I guess maybe some others were fond of it if they brought him back though. Hopefully the other two deliver.

  8. I have no idea why CF and LSV is trying so hard to make this site free. I would gladly pay for CF Premium. The video player is also better then youtube (though, it crashed a couple of times earlier today).

  9. CF’s team is amazing and keeps getting better, but SCG still has Kibler, Nelson, Flores, GerryT, Zvi and Chapin… I’d say things are about even. Great content on both sites. CF is FREE though and with Rietzl joining the staff, my SCGP sub may lapse.

  10. LSV

    then, here goes:
    and the older members

    then the addition of:

    and now:

    OMG!! This is insane! Now, CFB has the most-polished team. (IMHO). πŸ™‚ Keep it up guys!

  11. Very cool, congratulations to both CFB and the new members… who I guess are also CFB…

    See what creating the defining deck of a standard format can get you?

  12. Awesome news. Make us pay a small fee, so you can fix the player issues, most people would be fine with it. The site is already superior to Starcity premium.

  13. It makes me wonder where are Shuhei Nakamura and Martin Juza.. They were presented as new members but barely wrote 3 articles… are they still CFB members?

  14. How many members does a team usually need? Are these members in the sense that they also write articles to the website or are they also members in the sense that they all playtest and brew decks together. With so many members, don’t you end up being paired up with one another at magic events quite often?

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  16. Wow, great news. Congratulations CFB. I hope you can keep the content free based on people buying here and on ads with a fixed new Video player.
    This does so much for the community! Keep it free! Best of luck to you guys!

  17. I bet all the people playing in the SCG opens learnt to play by reading CFB πŸ˜› CFB has done more for the magic community than SCG ever has.

  18. now you just need to make a deal with kai! he does well when he occasionally plays in tournaments and has a nice, witty writing style with a touch of arrogance, so you might want to consider that! go CFB!

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