Rietzl, Yuuya and Sperling Join Team Fireball!

Paul Rietzl, Yuuya Watanabe and Matt Sperling join Team Fireball!

Paul Rietzl
With a win last year at Pro Tour Amsterdam and a finals appearance at Pro Tour Paris earlier this year, Paul is on the short list of best active players. He has three Pro Tour and three Grand Prix top 8s in his career.

Yuuya Watanabe
Yuuya, part of the Japanese contingent, is best known for his Rookie of the Year title in 2007 and Player of the Year title in 2009. He has one Pro Tour Top 8 and ten Grand Prix Top 8s to his name.

Matt Sperling
With a Top 16 finish at Pro Tour San Juan, a 19th place finish at Amsterstam, and a 22nd place finish at Worlds in Chiba this past year, Matt has quietly positioned himself as one of the best rising stars in the game. He is a well published writer and a master of Eternal formats.

Stay tuned for strategy videos and articles from the new members of our team!


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