Retro Deck Highlight: Huey’s 2002 Battle of Wits


Battle of Wits (2002) by Huey Jensen

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In honor of Time Spiral Remastered, I felt like taking my own time spiral and digging up this old deck from the archives. I played this deck to a Top 8 finish in GP Milwaukee 2002.


Battle of WitsUrza's RageWild ResearchYawgmoth's Agenda


The deck won by casting Battle of Wits, then untapping and winning. In reality, I won most of my games by just completely controlling the game and casting Urza’s Rage with kicker, twice. I would use Wild Research to find answers to whatever situation I was in and eventually find multiple copies of Urza’s Rage. Occasionally, if I got a little unlucky, I might have to play a Yawgmoth’s Agenda.


This was probably the most fun tournament I ever played – although the shuffling certainly was not.


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