Reflecting on Void Mirror in Legacy and Vintage

Modern Horizons 2 previews have started, and there are some nice-looking cards on display. One that caught my eye in particular is Void Mirror, especially given how much Vintage I play.


Void Mirror has a funny effect. The line of text does basically nothing in a format like Standard, but is quite powerful in Legacy and Vintage, which often makes for some really cool cards.

The most obvious power of the card is that it hoses colorless decks, since any spell cast without colored mana is a no-go. That’s a beating against decks like Mishra’s Workshop in Vintage or Eldrazi decks in Legacy. If your opponent has a colorless mana base, Void Mirror is going to wreak havoc on them.

The card’s power doesn’t end there, though. One effect it has that may not be apparent on first read is that it counters all free cards too. Cards that weren’t paid for definitely don’t meet the requirement, so this actually counters a whole swath of cards. Here are some of the Vintage and Legacy staples that this impacts:


Mox SapphireBlack LotusForce of WillGitaxian ProbeForce of NegationGushCabal TherapyMental MisstepDread ReturnHollow One (Timeshifted)DazeForce of VigorMindbreak TrapBloodbraid Elf (Timeshifted)

And there are plenty more – anything free is now off the table (unless it’s uncounterable by some method). This also includes another Modern Horizon 2 preview, Grief.


Given that, Void Mirror is a card with two interesting angles. It stops colorless decks, or at the very least restricts them to just one spell a turn if they do have one colored source, and it stops free cards. The free card aspect makes it function as a pseudo-Defense Grid, which is a card that sees plenty of play in combo decks. With Void Mirror in play, you know you’re safe from Force of Will, Force of Negation or Daze, which can open up a lot of possibilities.


Header - Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Where does Void Mirror fit best? The first place I’d look is in the sideboard of controlling decks in Vintage, especially ones with lots of Moxes. Getting this out early against Workshops can really impact them, and it even stops opposing Moxes when you have it turn one on the play. It also seems solid against Dredge, as it turns off Cabal Therapy, Dread Return, Hollow One and their counters. Even better, it stops Force of Vigor, so they can’t remove it with their go-to anti-hate card.

I’d also investigate Void Mirror in the sideboard of combo decks that don’t rely on free spells in both Vintage and Legacy. Using this as a double-pronged hate card that can shut off Workshop/Eldrazi decks or free counters could be efficient. When your anti-colorless card doubles up as Defense Grid against control decks, it sounds like a good deal to me.

Void Mirror is a sweet addition to the landscape in older formats, and there’s a lot of power here – I’m interested in seeing where this lands.


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