Ragavan in Hammer Time? Modern Boros Hammer Time


Modern Boros Hammer Time by naddyeffintabs



Hammer Time has been sitting on top of the Modern metagame for months, but that doesn’t mean players don’t stop innovating it. This past weekend “Naddyeffintabs” came ninth and 11th in the two Modern MTGO Challenges with a unique Boros Hammer Time list, splashing red for Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer, Magnetic Theft and Galvanic Blast.

Colossus HammerRagavan, Nimble PilfererMagnetic Theft

The goal of the deck is to find a Colossus Hammer with Stoneforge Mystic and equip it as quickly as possible thanks to Sigarda’s Aid or Puresteel Paladin, all while Esper Sentinel, Urza’s Saga and Lurrus of the Dream-Den provide you extra value.

We already know Ragavan to be one of the best cards in Modern and Galvanic Blast to be a premium burn spell when paired with Memnite and Ornithopter, but Magnetic Theft is quite the new card even for a seasoned Modern player like me.

Equipping Colossus Hammer is all it matters. We’re seeing certain lists adopting Kor Outfitter lately, but Magnetic Theft does it better than anything else since it’s just one mana and at instant speed!

Adding a second color means you can branch into red for Wear // Tear, although you’re giving up on black which lets you play Thoughtseize in the sideboard, which has proven to be the best and cheapest interaction for Hammer Time.


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