Puzzle: To Mill or Not to Mill?

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With both their life total and library size dwindling away, you’ve got your opponent on the ropes for two possible win conditions. But with a huge Valduk on their board, choosing the wrong angle could spell disaster if you don’t win this turn. What’ll it be?

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1. Using Primal Wellspring for mana, cast Role Reversal targeting the opponent's Valduk (the one with all the stuff on it) and the opponent's Howling Golem.
2. Before that resolves, Primal Wellspring will put a copy of Role Reversal on the stack. Choose your Millstone and the opponent's Howling Golem as targets.
3. The copy resolves, giving us Howling Golem, which is still a valid target for the first instance of the spell. When that resolves, we will give them back their Howling Golem and gain control of the double-equipped Valduk!
Note: Even though Helm of the Host is currently on our creature, our opponent still controls it, so it won't actually trigger for us.
4. Cast Metamorphic Alteration, targeting our Valduk. When it resolves, choose... itself. 
Note: You can also choose the opponent's Valduk token if you want, but its haste isn't actually a copiable attribute, so you won't change anything by doing so.
5. Go to combat - our Valduk triggers, making three 3/1 Elemental tokens with haste and trample. (Thanks to Domri, they're actually 4/1s.) 
6. Attack with all three Elementals! Your opponent has 5 toughness on board, and will take 7 for lethal!


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