Pro Tour Theros Special

Pro Tour Theros is right around the corner, and as quite a few people seemed to like my Worlds Special it was just the natural thing to do a follow-up for Pro Tour Theros. A few things are different this time around, though.

I interviewed different players. Although I could have chosen to revisit a few, I thought it would be more interesting to focus elsewhere as well. There are so many good Magic players around, that if I continue doing this, I will not run out of players to talk to for quite a while.

The Theros Special is shorter. Where the Worlds Special had some history and general information in it, the Theros Special focuses only on the players. I did this because a single Pro Tour doesn’t have its own legacy like the World Championship, and thus there was just less to write about. Instead of struggling to get something in there, which you might not find all that interesting, I focused on the strongest point of the Worlds Special, the interviews.

The format is different. I did the Worlds Special in LaTeX, but the Theros Special will be web-based.

Just as with the Worlds Special, I am very happy with the way the interviews turned out. Each player was very forthcoming, and the players’ answers give a good impression of the personalities: Narciso answered in a cheerfully ironic way, Kai is a bit more direct, and Olle’s answers seem thoughtful and reflective.

These are just a few examples, but in my opinion that is just the way you would experience these guys if you talked to them in person. To all twelve, thanks a lot in helping me to make the Theros Special what it is. I wish you all the best for Pro Tour Theros!

Pro Tour Theros Special

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