Preview Spotlight – Thragtusk is Back with Workshop Warchief!

Workshop Warchief does a great Thragtusk impersonation, which was a Standard staple for as long as it was legal in the format. 

Workshop WarchiefThragtusk (Timeshifted)

Instead of five life, we only get three and the mana cost is a little bit more restrictive with double green, but in exchange for that we get the blitz ability and a slightly bigger token when it dies. Blitz means that you can play the creature for its alternative blitz cost with haste, draw a card when it dies and sacrifice it at the end of your turn.




Workshop Warchief is a nightmare for aggressive decks because it adds a big body to the board while gaining you life and it is hard to attack through it. Control decks also don’t love seeing it on the other side of the battlefield because they will have to use two removal spells to deal with it.

If you’re behind on board, you can play Workshop Warchief to help you stabilize and if you are ahead, you can try to press your advantage with a 5/3 haster that will deal five damage to the opponent, draw you a card and leave a 4/4 token on the battlefield when it dies. 

That’s a pretty solid deal and I can definitely see Workshop Warchief become a staple in green midrange and ramp decks in Standard.


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