Preview Spotlight – Be Prepared for Tenacious Underdog!

The streets of New Capenna are full of exciting new tools to try out, and one of the most promising is the Ironically named Tenacious Underdog.

Tenacious Underdog

Underdog being a two-mana 3/2 means that the card is going to be able to put reasonable early pressure on any opponent, but the main draw to the card is its ability to be recast from the graveyard over and over again in the late game, providing not only extra damage in the late game but also card advantage.



Underdog should be a huge asset to aggressive black decks in Standard, Historic and Pioneer, and will enable the archetypes to have a lower mana curve than they might have without the Underdog. 

SmallpoxThalia's Lieutenant

I also imagine that Tenacious Underdog could end up being fringe playable in Modern in the Humans deck, black-based midrange or perhaps in some Smallpox brews. 

No matter what happens, I imagine that we’ll be seeing a lot of this card moving forward, so make sure to pack some Flame-Blessed Bolts!


4 thoughts on “Preview Spotlight – Be Prepared for Tenacious Underdog!”

  1. If you blitz it you sacrifice it at EOT right? In what world would that be worth doing especially when you’re losing life each time. This seems like I dunno maybe you didn’t read the card right or something.
    In any case this article has not effectively made the case that this card is even mildly playable. Like, if I’m crazy and I’m really missing something, this article did not make it clear what interaction makes this card good.
    Sorry for all the negativity, I’m sure you are a cool guy.

  2. I missed the “draw a card” part. It was not called out in the article and is buried deep in reminder text. I much more understand the argument, though I’m still skeptical.

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