Pre-Set Championship Standard Power Rankings – 11/29/21

Another week of Crimson Vow Standard is in the books. Next weekend is the Crimson Vow Set Championship, which will be a chance to see if any new decks make their way into the format. This past weekend was another Red Bull Untapped qualifier, though not a ton of particularly special decks came out of it. With that being said, here’s this week’s Standard Power Rankings.




8. Orzhov Clerics


This deck is pretty cool, and definitely fun. It had a decent result in the Red Bull event over the weekend, which is impressive. Overall, if you like this kind of deck, I think it’s a decent choice, though it’s definitely not the strongest deck in Standard right now. Orzhov Clerics had a 63.3 percent win rate this week on Untapped.gg.


7. Mono-Black Zombies


The first of a few monocolored aggro decks, this is definitely the worst of the three on the list, but it’s still a decent deck, and has some cool Zombie synergies going on. Mono-Black Zombies had a 59.2 percent win rate this week according to Untapped.gg.


6. Mono-Black Control


This deck has a pretty strong plan and does have very powerful cards. Every week, the data on Untapped is pretty strong, but it never seems to perform that great in events, or at least have that major breakthrough. Mono-Black Control finished with a 69.2 percent win rate this week on Untapped.gg. Also, disregard Untapped’s categorization as “Mono-Black Aggro” – this is very much a control deck.


5. Izzet Control


Izzet Control is the deck that makes the best use of Hullbreaker Horror. Hullbreaker is a little worse against Mono-White than Alrund’s Epiphany, which is definitely a problem as the deck has gained more market share. Three Izzet decks in the top five is somewhat amusing, but all three variations are quite strong. Also, like Mono-Black Control, this isn’t really a Turns deck, although Untapped’s categorization is a bit off.


4. Izzet Dragons


Izzet Dragons has never left its cloud, where it’s been riding high ever since the previous season where Yuta Takahashi took it to a number one spot at the World Championship. Goldspan Dragon is still an obscene card, and the deck gets access to all the tools of the other Izzet decks that it chooses, while being a little bit more aggressive. Izzet Dragons had a 58.4 percent win rate this week according to Untapped.gg.


3. Izzet Turns

Alrund's EpiphanyGalvanic IterationExpressive Iteration


Izzet Turns is the most powerful deck in Standard, capable of taking all the turns and finishing the opponent off from basically an empty board. The deck can be frustrating to play against and is very hard to attack. The Izzet decks do somewhat blend together a little, though it seems Izzet Turns is still the most popular of the bunch. Izzet Turns had a 57.5 percent win rate this week according to Untapped.gg.


2. Mono-Green


Mono-Green has been second in a while, though Mono-White has been taking up a lot of the market share of the monocolored aggro decks, green still has good numbers and good results. Esika’s Chariot is still one of the best cards in Standard, though the competition there is getting a little wider. Mono-Green had a 64.1 percent win rate this week according to Untapped.gg.


1. Mono-White


Mono-White is still at the top of the pack, being one of the most popular, if not the most popular, and winningest deck in Standard. The deck is fast and furious and should be a deck to be reckoned with this weekend in the Crimson Vow Set Championship. Mono-White had a 66.7 percent win rate this week from Platinum to Mythic according to Untapped.gg.


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