Post-Memory Lapse Historic Jeskai Creativity – Deck Highlight


Historic Jeskai Creativity by YOJIRO FUTAMATA




Jeskai Creativity dominated Historic together with Velomachus Lorehold and Time Warp few months ago. With Time Warp banned, it’s time to get creative with your alternative win condition and Serra’s Emissary came at the right time with Jumpstart: Historic Horizons.

Yojiro Futamata Top 8’d the Red Bull Untapped Japan tournament with an innovative take on the archetype that’s ditching the Dwarven Mine mana base and relying on Hard Evidence and Unexpected Windfall to create tokens to make your Indomitable Creativity work.


Indomitable CreativitySerra's EmissaryUnexpected Windfall

Unexpected Windfall isn’t just important to give you Treasure for your Creativity, it also naturally ramps you to seven mana so that you can hardcast one of your three Serra’s Emissaries immediately the turn after.

The Memory Lapse ban also was damaging for this archetype, with this list replacing it with Censor.

Serra’s Emissary isn’t game over against everyone. You have to know the metagame to know what to name. This is why it’s usually better to wait for a bigger Creativity in order to drop multiple Serra’s Emissary at the same time and be able to lock instants, sorceries and creatures, or at least two since Maelstrom Pulse and Vanishing Verse are always around the corner.


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