Post-Innistrad Set Championship Standard Power Rankings – 12/6/21

This past weekend was the Innistrad Set Championship, a half Standard and half Historic event. While the top 8 was Historic, simply looking at the final Swiss standings will give us a little better idea than how the top 8 itself broke. Certainly the deck of the tournament was Izzet Turns. Mono-Green performed really well also. Mono-White didn’t have results as good as the other two decks and will drop a little in the rankings this week. Lastly, congrats to Yuuki Ichikawa for winning the event!




6. Mono-Black Zombies

Simon Goertzen made top 8 with the deck, and qualified for the World Championship as well. The deck is decent, capable of getting draws that can win any matchup. The deck has a lot of synergies as well as the capability of getting some really strong opening hands, particularly with Champion of the Perished.


5. Izzet Control

There was one person in top 16 with Izzet Control. Overall, the world prefers Izzet Turns, and the results prove it. Izzet Control and Turns are pretty similar though, even more so than Turns and Dragons. Perhaps it’s time to just play Izzet decks that are solely built to beat the mirror, though it seems kind of extreme.


4. Mono-White

Nobody made top 16 of the tournament with Mono-White, but the deck narrowly missed it with a 17th place finish. Mono-White has been really popular all season, but in the marquee event, failed to put up any results, so I’ll have to move it down. Mono-White had a 65.3 percent win rate this week according to Untapped.gg.


3. Izzet Dragons

Izzet Dragons was the other deck with at least two copies in top 16. The two Izzet Dragons players were teammates of mine and great players – Logan Nettles and Shahar Shenhar. Izzet Dragons has a lot of the benefits of Izzet Turns, even many of the same cards. 


2. Mono-Green

A few Mono-Green decks were doing well throughout the event. Christian Hauck finished first after the Swiss and Mono-Green was his weapon of choice in the event. In the end, only two Mono-Green decks made top 16, but that was a tie for second, in terms of number of decks. Mono Green had a 62.1 percent win rate this week according to Untapped.gg.


1. Izzet Turns

Izzet Turns was six of the top eight decks in the Innistrad Set Championship and another three of the top 16. Certainly Izzet Turns was the deck of the tournament, and as it turns out, depriving your opponent from taking any of the turns is a very strong strategy. Izzet Turns had a 65.4 percent win rate this week from Platinum to Mythic according to Untapped.gg.

I think those are the only decks that are really on the radar for decks that are trying to be really competitive at this point. Orzhov/Mono-Black Control could be considered the seventh place deck (and eighth place deck, depending on how different you consider them), but I think those decks struggle a bit too much against Izzet. 


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