Post-Arena Open Standard Power Rankings – 10/18/21

The World Championship is behind us. Since then, we’ve had a week of Arena results and the results of the Arena Open. While the results of the Arena Open, to my knowledge, aren’t compiled anywhere, there’s some anecdotal data simply from looking at Twitter and seeing who posts about getting the max number of wins. Here are the rankings for this week:




1. Mono-Green


Mono-Green seems to have had a good showing at the Arena Open. Again, this data is anecdotal, but it’s possible that people were constructing Izzet decks in ways to go over the top of one another, and in situations like that, the aggressive decks will really shine. In addition to having a good weekend, Mono-Green had a 65.9 percent win rate from Platinum to Mythic according to Untapped.gg. Mono-Green is the type of deck that’s simply so powerful that I would expect it to be one of the best four or five decks at worst until the next set release.


2. Izzet Epiphany


Izzet Epiphany is taking the number two slot in the rankings this week, but for my money, it’s still the deck that most people are talking about and complaining about, to be honest. Alrund’s Epiphany in combination with Galvanic Iteration is a completely insane combo, and combined with other ways to do chip huge chunks of damage with Hall of Storm Giants, can easily close out the game. The deck also has the best card advantage in the format between Expressive Iteration and Memory Deluge. Untapped doesn’t have Izzet Epiphany listed surprisingly enough, but you should never discount this deck.


3. Mono-White Aggro


Mono-White is a deck that probably doesn’t get enough respect, even from me to be honest. The deck seemed to put up a lot of good results in the Arena Open (it did particularly well in the Best-of-One portion, but that doesn’t apply to these rankings). Mono-White is capable of completely overrunning the Izzet decks by going wide and playing all its cards very quickly. I always thought it was a little behind against the Mono-Green deck though, which could be challenging if Mono-Green rises in popularity. Mono-White had a 66.1 percent win rate this week according to Untapped.gg.


4. Izzet Dragons


Izzet Dragons is still a great deck, though it’s come down a bit since it was fresh off Yuta’s World Championship victory. It seems like Izzet Epiphany is proving to be a little bit stronger, or at least having more success. Of course, last weekend when Yuta was playing the deck, it didn’t look that way at all. I could see this version of Izzet, with Smoldering Eggs, being favorable against Green, so we’ll see how things continue to shake out. Izzet Dragons had a 56.4 percent win rate this week according to Untapped.gg.


5. Temur Treasures

Jaspera SentinelMagda, Brazen OutlawGoldspan Dragon


I still buy in to Jean-Emmanuel Depraz’s Temur deck from the World Championship. It doesn’t seem to have caught a lot of steam or even get played a lot, but I saw it in some of the MTGO results this week at least. JED said the deck was good enough that he was surprised that other people didn’t play it, and it did a great job for him at the tournament. Maybe it’s not the most flashy deck, but it’s clearly strong, and so I think it should still be included here.



I’m going to leave the rankings there for this week. I think anything else that I would include would mostly be for the sake of having more decks. Those five decks are really lightyears ahead of everything else at this point, so in terms of choosing a deck for something important, unless something new pops up and starts making waves, which is possible, I’d stick with one of those five.



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