Possibility Storm Puzzle – Staggering Possibilities!

Hello ChannelFireball! We’re back with another Double Masters puzzle this week – this time with an Izzet mirror match! Can your spellslinger deck take down the scary monsters across the table and deal 11 damage this turn? Here’s your first hint – remember that rebound exiles!

Find the official solution & hints here.

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1 thought on “Possibility Storm Puzzle – Staggering Possibilities!”

  1. Cast Breakthrough with X=1 for U thanks to the Experience counter and keep Staggershock in hand (Mana left: RRUU, Experience: 2)
    Use Disciple to tap a blocker and exile Breakthrough (Mana left: RRU)
    Use Disciple to tap the other blocker and exile Wash Out (Mana left: RU)
    Cast Staggershock for R thanks to 2 XP targeting Hero of the Games to give +1/+0 to the team (Mana left: U, Experience: 3)
    Use Disciple to counter Staggershock. Targeting ability from Hero still triggers but he stays alive and you can now attack in unblocked for 11.

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