Possibility Storm Puzzle – Professional Valet Services

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Excited for Streets of New Capenna? While I’d recommend reading any of the talented authors here at CFB for your Limited advice, we do have a puzzle for you from the new set! Can you help the Cabaretti & a certain valet to a spectacular victory against some oh so gauche stitchers?

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6 thoughts on “Possibility Storm Puzzle – Professional Valet Services”

  1. Play Jetmir, Valet goes to a 4/3 (+1/+0 from Jetmir then the ETB trigger fires doubling its power) and the Targ Nar is now a 3/2.
    Attack with both creatures and the Targ Nar Pack Tactics triggers making the Valet a 5/3. Best blocks are 1/4 on the Valet and 2/1 on Targ Nar.
    Cast Cabaretti Charm creating two 1/1s to double the Valet’s power twice to 10 then 20 and 16 points of trample damage kill the opponent.

    This leaves one land untapped though, so unless the Hall of Oracles was a red herring I’m sure I messed something up somewhere.

  2. Wouldn’t casting Eiganjo Uprising for x=6 also be lethal? 2^6 = 64 trampling damage but only gives the opponent an extra 10 toughness. You also gain 6 attackers who are 3/2s with haste/menace.

  3. HigureTheStillWind

    I reached the same solution. I am pretty sure that the Hall of Oracles is a red herring both leading to wrong solutions (if you forget about the “activate as a sorcery”) and increasing the amount of choices (playing the charm before combat to get the +1/+1 counter).

  4. HigureTheStillWind

    Dave, you forgot Skaab Wrangler’s ability. If you give the opponent a single token, then they will tap your valet.

  5. It’s possible the puzzle creators forgot that Jetmir’s static ability applies before the Valet’s triggered ability (I missed this initially), in which case you’d need to activate Hall of Oracles in response to casting Cabaretti Charm.

  6. HigureTheStillWind

    You cannot activate Hall of Oracles in response to casting Cabaretti Charm, since it can only be activated as a sorcery. Therefore, I believe it isn’t part of the solution but a trap.

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