Possibility Storm Puzzle – Dominaria United vs. New Capenna!

Hello ChannelFireball!

Here’s our first Dominaria United puzzle! It’s domain vs New Capenna here; can you get in for the last five damage? And, as an added challenge, can you solve this puzzle if you’re at one life?

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3 thoughts on “Possibility Storm Puzzle – Dominaria United vs. New Capenna!”

  1. 1. Tap all lands (GGRR floating)
    2. Play tiller engine (GR floating)
    3. Play Thran Portal, choosing swamp
    4. tiller engine triggers, untap Thran Poral
    5. tap mountain (GRB floating)
    6. Play dire strait rampage, targeting your mountain. Search up plains and island.
    7. Tiller engine triggers twice, tap both blockers
    8. Swing in for 6. Nishoba Brawler is a 5/5 (all basic land types present). No blockers

  2. At 1 life

    1) Cast Tiller Engineer
    2) Cast Dire-Strain Rampage on either of your lands to get either 2 of 3 of your missing basic land types.
    3) Two triggers from Tiller Engineer goes off. One to tap down the devil & the other to untap that land.
    4) Play Thran Portal naming 5th missing basic land type.
    5) Tiller Engine trigger tapping down Raffine paying the ward cost with the untapped land.
    6) Nishoba Brawler attacks for 5 damage unblocked.

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