Possibility Storm Puzzle – Atsushi Go in Neon Dynasty

It’s tramplers vs fliers for our first Neon Dynasty puzzle! Can you chunk in there for 11, or will you start draining the opponent? Good luck this week!

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1 thought on “Possibility Storm Puzzle – Atsushi Go in Neon Dynasty”

  1. First attack with the Bookwurm and Atsushi. However the opponent blocks, one of your creatures will have one or less blockers. Use Hero’s Downfall (BBR) to make sure that creature gets through if necessary (at least BBRRG available). Before damage, use Hidetsugu’s ability to sacrifice the other attacker, thus cancelling any potential lifelink damage from the opponent’s creatures (at least GRRG available). Scry any way you want. Resolve combat damage, dealing at least 4 damage to the opponent. After damage, use Hidetsugu’s ability to sacrifice the creature that got through, but keep priority (RRG available). Use Atsushi’s ability to make treasures regardless of when it triggers (at least RRG+3 Treasures available). With both Bookwurm and Atsushi in the graveyard and only Hidetsugu’s scry ability on the stack, activate Bookwurm’s ability from the graveyard (at least 3 treasures available). Resolve the stack, scrying two cards to the bottom: Bookwurm is now on top of the library. Activate Hidetsugu’s second ability (potentially no more mana available) to reveal Bookwurm and deal 8 damage to the opponent.

    So I’m not sure if I’m missing something or if that solution deals at least 1 extra damage (more depending on opponent’s blocks)..? But that’s my best guess

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