Possibility Storm Puzzle – A Neon Dynasty Saga

We’re throwing a lot at you this week – or at least a lot of sagas! Can you & some hasty creatures win the game this turn?

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1 thought on “Possibility Storm Puzzle – A Neon Dynasty Saga”

  1. First note that since we control 8 lands, The World Tree lets our lands tap for any color.
    Use 3 lands to cast Jugan Defends the Temple, which creates a Human Monk. It has haste thanks to Tuktuk Rubblefort (5 lands and 1 mana dork untapped).
    Use 2 lands to cast Satsuki, Then use 3 lands to cast Croaking Counterpart targeting the opponent’s Weaver of Harmony (1 mana dork untapped).
    Activate Satsuki’s tap ability, adding a counter to both Battle for Bretagard and Jugan Defends the Temple. That triggers both of the Sagas, as well as the opponent’s Flamescroll Celebrant. We take 1 damage, going to 3 life. Target anything with the Jugan trigger, but keep priority before the Battle for Bretagard trigger resolves (order of triggers doesn’t matter). We will now enter a loop:

    Tap the untapped Human Monk token and untapped Weaver of Harmony token to copy the triggered ability of Battle for Bretagard. This is possible because of Tuktuk Rubblefort giving all your creatures haste. This triggers the opponent’s Flamescoll Celebrant, dealing 1 damage to us.
    Resolve the copied ability but keep priority. This creates an additional Human Warrior token, an additional Elf Warrior token, an additional Human Monk token (mana dork), and an additional Weaver of Harmony token (it’s a Frog). All of those tokens are untapped.
    We now have the same game state as at the beginning of the Loop, except we took 1 damage and there are 4 more permanents on the board (1 Human Warrior Token, 1 Elf Warrior token, 1 tapped Human Monk token, and 1 tapped Weaver of Harmony token).

    Execute the loop exactly twice, then resolve the stack. The initial non-copied trigger from Battle for Bretagard creates 4 more tokens. We took 1 damage per loop iteration, so we have 1 life. We started the loop with 4 untapped 1/1 tokens (Human Warrior, Elf Warrior, Human Monk, and Weaver of Harmony). We created 2 untapped 1/1 tokens per iteration of the loop, so 4 tokens. The final Battle for Bretagard trigger created an additional 4 untapped 1/1 tokens.
    We can now attack with 12 tokens, each of those is at least 1/1 (2 of those might be 2/2s depending on what happened with the second Jugan chapter). Opponent has 4 blockers, so 8 damage gets through for lethal.

    I actually thought we could create infinite tokens at first, since I missed the Flamescroll Celebrant. Luckily, we have just enough life to create enough tokens!

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