Pokemon TCG’s Next Set: Lost Origins

Giratina Art

Pokemon TCG’s next set is on the horizon, scheduled for a release on September 9th. There are still a lot of question marks in the set, but we can look to the Japanese releases and some limited spoilers from The Pokemon Company International (TPCI) to get an idea of what kind of experience we can expect from Pokemon Sword & Shield: Lost Origins.  First, let’s take a look at the information directly quoted from TPCI here:

“As the boundary between dimensions tears apart, Giratina VSTAR plunges the world into the abyssal shadow of the Lost Zone! Be wary of the Lost Zone’s power—unlike the discard pile, cards that are sent here cannot be recovered. While Aerodactyl VSTAR harnesses this distorted power, Magnezone, Drapion, Hisuian Goodra, and Hisuian Zoroark also appear as Pokémon VSTAR to show off their own astonishing skills, joined by Kyurem VMAX. Above the shadows, Enamorus V and Radiant Gardevoir conjure up dazzling magic in the Sword & Shield—Lost Origin expansion!”

  • Over 190 cards
  • 3 brand-new Radiant Pokémon
  • 6 awesome Pokémon VSTAR
  • 14 powerful Pokémon V and 1 enormous Pokémon VMAX
  • 30 cards with special art in the Trainer Gallery subset
  • More than 15 Trainer cards

A version of all the cards mentioned above have already been released in Japan, however, it is worth noting that their translations may not be perfect or they might vary slightly in one way or another when they see their stateside release. Nevertheless, I want to highlight some of the most interesting and collectible cards that we’ll likely be seeing with the release of Lost Origins. 

Radiant Gardevoir

Psychic decks gaining access to a radiant Pokemon may well be the highlight of the set. It helps that Radiant Gardevoir is one of the best radiant pokemon to see print yet! Its first ability reads, “Your Pokemon take 20 less damage from attacks from your opponent’s Pokemon V (After applying Weakness and Resistance).” This is already huge, but her attack is also quite powerful, translating to, “This attack does 20 more damage for each Energy attached to your opponent’s active Pokemon.” Combined, you get a playable card attached to a fan-favorite Pokemon, meaning Radiant Gardevoir will almost certainly be a chase card. 

Hisuian Zoroark V

Speaking of popular Pokemon with staying power, Hisuian Zoroark V is one of the coolest Pokemon to come out of Pokemon Legends: Arceus. The original Zoroark was already well loved, in both the TCG and the games, so it comes as no surprise that the white and pink Hisuian variant is getting just as much love with a printing here. 

The card itself is also quite solid, with its first, energy-free ability dealing 30 damage and reading, “You may switch this Pokemon with 1 of your Benched Pokemon.” This makes Hisuian Zoroark V quite tricky and hard to get rid of. Its second attack, Shadow Cyclone, smashes in for 130 damage and reads, “Move an Energy from this Pokemon to 1 of your Benched Pokemon.” This continues the tricky nature of the Pokemon, letting you set up future plays while dealing big damage.

Giratina VSTAR

Finally, the “face” of the set has largely been Giratina, so it seems more than worthwhile to highlight the powerful new version of this legend. First, the card itself is yet another potent combination of popular and powerful, meaning it will be entirely worth adding to your collection. Let’s talk about that power though. 

Its first ability, Lost Impact, deals a massive 280 damage and translates to, “Put 2 energy attached to your Pokemon in the Lost Zone.” You’re feeding Giratina’s domain, the Lost Zone, but it’s a small price to pay for how much damage it deals. More importantly, the Lost Zone feeds his final VSTAR Power, Star Requiem, which reads, “You can use this attack only if you have 10 or more cards in the Lost Zone. Your Opponent’s Active Pokemon is Knocked Out. (You can’t use more than 1 VSTAR Power in a Game.)” Yes, you read that right, Giratina can instantly obliterate any opposing Pokemon if you have a fully stacked Lost Zone.

No Power Lost

With even just these three cards as examples, we can clearly see the kind of power we can expect from Sword & Shield: Lost Origins. While Pokemon GO was comparatively a disappointment when it comes to impactful game pieces, Lost Origins is looking like a return to form both for power and collectibility. With cards like Giratina waiting to be cracked, early September is going to be bringing some exciting new cards into the ecosystem. 

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