Pokemon TCG’s Halloween Treat: Trick or Trade BOOsters

The spooky season is already upon us and Pokemon is here to help celebrate! The Pokemon TCG is well known for its release of special promos and unique cards, including most recently the McPokemon cards that can be found in McDonald’s happy meals. This trend continues with the release of Trick or Trade BOOster packs that are exclusively available in a bundle of the same name. The Pokemon Company International (TPCI) has the following to say about this spooky product:

Make an unforgettable impression on the spookiest night of the year with the Pokémon TCG: Trick or Trade BOOster Bundle. Featuring 40 mini packs, each containing three cards boasting gourdgeous art, the Trick or Trade BOOster Bundle contains plenty of goodies for trick-or-treaters. Creep it real with a surprise that lasts longer than candy by merging the magic of Pokémon with all the delightful thrills and chills of Halloween.”

Feeding Young Pokemon Fans

Unsurprisingly, I love sharing my fandom with others, so this kind of product is essentially perfect for me. I’ll be excited to crack any of the mini packs that I may have leftover, but being able to pass out Pokemon cards to trick-or-treaters is a simple little joy. Given the choice, I’d rather help add to a child’s Pokemon collection rather than add to their cavities. If you’re considering an alternative to Halloween candy this year, then the BOOster Bundle may be similarly perfect for you.

Autumnal Collectibles

Let’s say this year is slow and you don’t see any trick-or-treaters, or perhaps you just want to collect some BOOster packs for yourself. The question then becomes: what kind of value can you find in these packs? Official information is scarce, with the blurb at the beginning of the article amounting to essentially the only word from TPCI. There is plenty of room to speculate, but, as is appropriate for Halloween, it might be better to be surprised!

Nonetheless, we do know at least that each card is themed around the spooky season and will come with a special stamp to denote that it’s from the set. This means, no doubt, you can expect to pull plenty of collectible ghost-types, including the face of the mini-set set: Gengar. For me, that’s about all I could ask for, as I’m all about thematic cards and have loved Ghost Pokemon since Agatha of the elite four first kicked by butt in the first generation of game boy games.


No Tricks, Just Treats

There is something supremely satisfying about treating yourself to a little something sweet. The tiny bit of dopamine of cracking open a pack is exactly that experience, and the Trick or Trade BOOster Bundle is one of the most flavorful versions of this experience yet printed. The mini-packs give that small thrill, especially if you have any kind of affection for the seasonal theme. You can look forward to sharing that thrill with trick-or-treaters this year, which is absolutely the best part of this treat of a product.

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