Pokemon TCG Lost Origin Reveals Red’s Pikachu and Leon’s Charizard

Leon's Charizard and Red's Pikachu VMAX

Pokemon TCG Lost Origin will feature a number of unique cards in its Trainer Gallery. While it’s always cool to see Pokemon interacting directly with their trainers, there are a few Pokemon that are particularly hype worthy to see, and Joe Merrick over on twitter has exactly the preview we’re looking for:

Ignoring Drapion for now (poor guy, just not quite worth the same level of excitement), Merrick’s tweet shares two truly spectacular cards for Pokemon enthusiasts of all stripes: Red’s Pikachu VMAX and Leon’s Charizard. Two flagship Pokemon, paired with their popular trainers, is a match made in heaven for fans and collectors alike.

The Mightiest Pikachu

Red is one of the of the most renowned trainers in the Pokemon universe, so seeing his Pikachu at its greatest power level is beyond exciting. The confidence the trainer exudes while his powerhouse Pikachu rises up behind him is entirely evocative of the Pokemon trainer experience. As a game piece, Gigantamax Pkachu can knock out all but the strongest of Pokemon with G-Max Volt Tackle. As I’ve said many times before (and will say again in just a moment!) the most valuable Pokemon cards combine popularity with power, and this VMAX mascot is doubly that with the popular trainer pictured.

The Champion’s Charizard

Leon is one of the most dynamic Pokemon champions we’ve seen, serving as a fun foil for the player in the Pokemon Sword and Shield video game. He’s extremely popular, and his relationship with his Charizard in the games (and the anime for that matter) is downright adorable. Similarly, Charizard is one of the most enduringly loved Pokemon in the game’s history. As a game piece, this version of Charizard helps you find the cards you need with its ability, all while potentially feeding his attack by dumping Leon’s into your discard pile! (Which… sounds a little grim, now that I think about it, but let’s assume the discard pile is flavored more as “memories” with his trainer rather than a graveyard.) We therefore have the ultimate trifecta yet again: popular Pokemon, iconic trainer, and playable game piece. You would be justified in seeing dollar signs.

Collectible Origins

If these two trainer cards are any indication, we can expect some truly spectacular collectibles to come out of Sword and Shield: Lost Origin. I’m personally hyped to potentially pull either of these powerhouse Pokemon, but I’m always happy to add any kind of full art treatment to my collection. What kinds of trainer gallery pieces are you looking to see out of the set?

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