Pokemon TCG Eeveelution Spotlight

Every Pokemon fan has a favorite Eeveelution, and I’m no exception. While I grew up with Flareon being my fluffy, fiery boy, Umbreon quickly supplanted him for the coolest looking creature that Eevee can evolve into. Pokemon TCG recognizes how much people love these customizable creatures, and they have released a huge number of fun, powerful, and downright adorable variations of the many Eeveelutions. Notably, the VMAX and V versions have been given some truly stunning alternate art treatments that I’m going to highlight here, as each and every one deserves to be in your trade binder if not displayed on your wall. 

Vaporeon VMAX

Vaporeon VMAX (SWSH182)

The gigantic VMAX pokemon are all cool, but the Eeveelutions all get adorable art of huge creatures at play. Vaporeon VMAX is clearly having a great time swimming off the coast, sharing the waters with a number of other cuties. As a game piece, Vaporeon VMAX helps power up water-based teams substantially, and if the art is your primary interest (I know it is for me) it’s available as an oversize card you can display!

Jolteon VMAX

Jolteon VMAX (SWSH184)

Jolteon VMAX is joyously dancing in a thunderstorm, really showing off the exuberance of the pokemon in a way that’s almost contagious. You can’t help but look at this flouncing electric type and smile. In play, Jolteon VMAX can dance all over your opponent’s bench, getting easy knock outs while looking fabulous in the process. Also like Vaporeon, this card has an oversized variant that’s perfect for the artistically inclined.

Flareon V

Flareon V (SWSH179)

Flareon VMAX is cute, but has absolutely nothing on Flareon V. The original appeal of Flareon, for me, was how cozy the pocket monster looked. Flareon V features what might be some of the coziest art ever printed on a Pokemon card. If you don’t want to curl up next to the fire with this fellow and sip a hot beverage, then I must thoroughly question your state of mind. 

Leafeon VMAX

Leafeon VMAX (205/203)

Leafeon VMAX, like the other VMAX variants, looks like he is either actively at play or, potentially more adorably, hard at work! He could be rolling the hay just for fun, but I like the idea of imagining that he is out in the fields helping his trainer gather up the bounty. This enjoyable little slice of life scene is helped along by the card being perfectly solid, especially if your opponents have the right (or wrong in their case) costs in their retreat.

Glaceon V

Glaceon V (175/203)

Flareon V is cozy, but Glaceon V is the very definition of chill. Hanging out in a winter wonderland, Glaceon here looks ready for you to take up the spot alongside them on the bench. Glaceon V’s value isn’t just in that aesthetic appeal though- reliably helping to chain evolutions and destroying problematic stadiums are both effects that make it a valuable pick to put in your deck.

Sylveon V

Sylveon V (184/203)

From cozy and chill Eeveelutions to one that just makes me hungry. Sylveon V’s alternate art features the colorful pokemon hawking some tasty treats, adding the adorable appeal of another “working” Pokemon. Sylveon looks like they’re having a great time while selling treats, featuring an infectious smile that, again, is hard not to mirror looking at the card. As a game piece, being able to get items when you need them is exceptional, making this yet another card that’s both playable and great to look at.

Espeon V

Espeon V (180/203)

It won’t surprise you that I’m a huge nerd, and that includes no small amount of bibliophilia. I love a good read, and so does this version of Espeon V! No lie, I’m a little jealous of psychically being able to pick through a library, but the idea of Espeon serving as a reading companion or librarian assistant is a beautiful thought that gives the card some lasting appeal to my deeply nerdy heart.

Umbreon VMAX

Umbreon VMAX (TG23/TG30)

Finally, most of Umbreon’s cards run contrary to the cuteness we’ve seen in the other Eeveelutions. Umbreon is “too cool” to be cute or cuddly, but the Brilliant Stars trainer gallery version of Umbreon VMAX is unafraid to mix that undeniable quality with just a touch of coziness. Pictured curled up with its trainer, this version of Umbreon VMAX lets you ponder how much of a good cuddle buddy a giant Umbreon would be, all while still giving off a protective, ever-so-slightly threatening aura that maintains the Pokemon’s innately dark mood.

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