Pokemon TCG: A Look At Mewtwo

“Cool” is the word you’re looking for when it comes to Mewtwo. He was the original endgame legendary Pokemon, and his villainous run in the first Pokemon movie and several of its spin offs and sequels has made him a cultural staple for Pokemon fans. In fact, like the mascot Pokemon Pikachu and Eevee, Mewtwo is one of the few Pokemon that even non-fans are likely to be able to identify. This popularity is key, as it’s one of the driving forces behind the number of interesting and powerful Pokemon TCG releases of the infamous legendary.  Here, we’ll look through some of the cool collectible variants of this classic Pokemon.


Mewtwo (10/102)

The original mewtwo, featuring a less “sleek” version of his art that’s reminiscent of his original game sprite, isn’t all that powerful of a game piece. That’s not a surprise given the fact that he’s from the base set, but his lack of powerful abilities shouldn’t prevent you from wanting this original piece of Pokemon history in your collection.

Armored Mewtwo

Armored Mewtwo (SM228)

Suited up similarly to the gear that Mewtwo starts out with in the original Pokemon movie, Armored Mewtwo is a remarkable piece more for his stylish look and call back to the film than for his power. He can manage to secure knock outs with relative ease, but having to take a turn off after doing so is a big enough drawback that he’s better in your binder than on your bench.

Mewtwo EX 

Mewtwo EX (163/162)

The secret full art variant of Mewtwo EX is a particular joy to look at, as it features Mewtwo teaming up with several of the other coolest looking monsters in all of Pokemon. Even more than just looking awesome, Mewtwo EX is perfectly playable with a solid defensive attack for just two energy that can ramp up into a more expensive haymaker. 

Mewtwo & Mew GX

Mewtwo & Mew GX (SM191)

Mewtwo is a Pokemon that people tend to take very seriously, so it’s nice to see his biological counterpart, Mew, poking a bit of fun at him. In addition to getting this genuinely cute moment, the card itself is great, featuring the ability to copy all the powerful abilities possessed by your benched or discard EX and GX Pokemon, alongside a one-use heal that can swing a game.

Mewtwo GX

Mewtwo GX (78/73)

Designed to ramp up throughout the game, Mewtwo GX can come down as early as turn one and may be the tankiest version of the Pokemon that doesn’t require anything more than the energy you put on him. Full Burst becomes stronger the longer he sticks around, Super Absorption deals respectable damage while healing Mewtwo, and his GX attack all but guarantees a knock out when you need it. For collectors, the secret shining variant is more than worth highlighting as it shows this powerful Pokemon in the lab that originally created him, giving us a glance into the grim history of this fan-favorite. 

Mewtwo VSTAR 

Mewtwo VSTAR (086/078)

The newest version of Mewtwo from the the Pokemon GO set, Mewtwo VSTAR is the very definition of a haymaker. Being able to throw around 90x damage per psychic energy spent is huge for claiming knock outs, and his VSTAR Power can potentially knock out a bench full of Pokemon V– truly a crushing power against the right opponent. The shiny art variant in particular shows his place in the set as a representative for the Pokemon GO game, making it a wonderfully collectible piece. 

Mewtwo V-Union

Mewtwo V-Union (Set of 4)

What might well be the most interesting variant of Mewtwo, this unique promo is one of just a handful of pokemon that are available as a V-Union variant. Combining the four pieces to create a single, giant Pokemon that’s stacked with downright overpowered abilities feels exceptional, and it should considering how many hoops you have to go through to get it out there! Even better, Mewtwo V-Union features art that’s perfect to frame and display if you’re passionate about this artificial Pokemon.

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