Pioneer Izzet Paradoxical Outcome – Deck Highlight

Pioneer Izzet Paradox by Tiemuuu


Paradoxical Outcome is one of my favorite cards, so when I see a new PO list, I’m instantly intrigued. This one comes courtesy of Tiemuuu on MTGO, who went 3-1 in a Pioneer Prelim with a sweet looking Izzet Paradoxical Outcome list.


Header - The Game Plan

Get out as many artifacts as possible thanks to Sai, Master Thopterist, zero-mana artifacts and Saheeli, Sublime Artificer, then use Inspiring Statuary and Paradoxical Outcome to generate cards and mana until you Aetherflux Reservoir them to death.

Galazeth Prismari and Inspiring Statuary are your mana engines and Outcome offers a ton of card draw, with Expressive Iteration as a sweet new pickup as well. This deck is looking to goldfish rapidly, flood the board with Thopters if need be and go over the top of whatever it’s facing.


Header - Key Cards

Inspiring StatuaryGalazeth Prismari

These two cards give you all the mana you desire, and I’m surprised the deck doesn’t play a second Galazeth. They both approximate what Urza, Lord High Artificer did for the Modern PO deck, and having one of these in play leads to your most broken turns.


Paradoxical Outcome (Timeshifted)Expressive Iteration

These are your card draw engines. PO is the heavy hitter, but Iteration is a better setup card. It’s trivial to play it early and get two cards off it, thanks to all the zero-mana artifacts, making it a draw two (of your top three) for just two mana. PO is an engine unto itself, where it draws tons of cards at once and resets all your artifacts that you tapped for mana. 


Mystic Sanctuary (Timeshifted)

While this isn’t as broken as in formats with fetchlands, it’s still a land that can let you rebuy your high-impact spells and a big reason to be nearly mono-blue here.


Sai, Master ThopteristSaheeli, Sublime Artificer

These two cards generate a lot of tokens and give you a nice backup plan if you don’t find your mana engines. They can flood the board easily and make it difficult for creature-based decks to make progress against you.


Aetherflux Reservoir

This is your one-stop shop for a win condition, as it nugs the opponent for 50 once you have gone off sufficiently hard. It also gains a ton of life even when you don’t get to kill them, making it a solid defensive play against aggro decks if you’re going off medium hard.


Mox AmberBriber's PurseTormod's Crypt

There are a ton of these zero-mana artifacts and they operate as combo pieces with minor effects on the game. Sometimes you’ll get value from them, but mostly they just enable you to do the broken stuff you’re trying to do.


Header - Opening Hands

Izzet Paradoxical Outcome is looking for an Inspiring Statuary most of all, with Sai and PO slightly behind that. Expressive Iteration makes most hands keepable and a hand full of cheap artifacts is usually good if there’s at least one piece of the engine.


Expressive IterationExpressive IterationTormod's CryptMystic Sanctuary (Timeshifted)Steam VentsIslandSpirebluff Canal

Keep. This is the exact type of hand that Iteration makes keepable, as you get to see tons of cards quickly.


Inspiring StatuaryParadoxical Outcome (Timeshifted)Paradoxical Outcome (Timeshifted)IslandIslandIslandSteam Vents

Keep. You need to draw cheap artifacts, but the deck has tons of them and even one can get you started.


Sai, Master ThopteristTormod's CryptBriber's PurseMox AmberSpirebluff CanalExpressive IterationProphetic Prism


Mulligan. As tempting as this one is, I don’t think you can snap off a one-land hand. I’d consider it on the draw, but even then it’s pretty bad if you don’t immediately draw a land.



This deck is a blast to play – I know that based on playing with all of these cards at length, most of them combined across various decks over the last few years. If you haven’t picked up your board to draw 10 cards, you haven’t truly lived, and I highly recommend trying it with Izzet Paradoxical Outcome.



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