Phoenix Comes to Legacy with Grixis Phoenix


Legacy Grixis Phoenix by Pietrone10



Pietrone10 is the Arclight Phoenix master in Legacy! They always try to make the deck work and innovate it, and this time they got to the Top 4 of Sunday’s Legacy Challenge with it thanks to four copies of Ledger Shredder, the newest addition to the deck!

Buried AliveArclight PhoenixLedger Shredder

The goal of the deck is to reanimate Arclight Phoenixes as early as possible, and you won’t be using Faithless Looting like you used to in Modern. Instead, you have Buried Alive as a way to put three Phoenixes right into the graveyard, only to put them into play immediately after.

Underground SeaThoughtseize, Lotus PetalDark RitualBuried Alive is your most explosive and best start, and now thanks to Ledger Shredder, you get to add consistency to this deck, as it can help sculpt a better hand alongside your selection of cantrips and provide an additional way to dump Phoenixes into the graveyard.

A very interesting card in the sideboard is Court of Ambition as a way for this deck to grind against the Jeskai Control or Uro piles since they will hardly be able to get the monarchy back from you and it’ll deal them six damage every turn or make them discard two cards, which is certainly a very high price to pay!


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