Party Likes It’s 2007 with Historic Dragonstorm!


Historic Dragonstorm by Eric Coomber




For today’s deck highlight, I chose this Dragonstorm list by Eric Coomber

The goal is to get Dragonstorm in your graveyard and use Mizzix’s Mastery to “flashback” it from your graveyard. This means that storm will always get you at least one additional copy.

DragonstormMizzix's MasteryTerror of the PeaksBladewing the Risen

If you manage to play one more spell before that, you win without any additional help by getting Terror of the Peaks with the first copy, Bladewing the Risen with the second copy, shooting your opponent for four, and then another Bladewing with the third copy, which is going to make you choose one of the legendary Bladewings to keep and another one to sacrifice to the legend rule. Now you can use the return trigger to get it back and keep the loop going until your opponent is dead.

If you can only get two Dragons, you need to have either Bladewing or Terror already in the graveyard. Then you get Terror first, Bladewing second, bring the other one back and start the same loop again.

The shared deck list didn’t have a sideboard and I think that actually makes a lot of sense because this deck is going to be a lot better in Best-of-One than Best-of-Three. You just don’t have the tools to beat cards like Rest in Peace or Leyline of the Void, so it’s better to stick to playing without sideboards. 


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