One-Sided Warp World! Modern Glimpse of Tomorrow Combo


Modern Glimpse Combo by Xenowan



Glimpse of Tomorrow isn’t as popular as Living End and Crashing Footfalls, but it’s another great cascade deck from Modern Horizons 2. Xenoman managed to put it on the map again with a Top 4 spot in the MTGO Challenge this past Sunday as a very scary and powerful combo deck that can literally put the whole deck into play as early as turn three.


Glimpse of TomorrowShardless AgentChancellor of the ForgeOmnath, Locus of Creation

Just like every other cascade deck in Modern, your goal is to play Violent Outburst or Shardless Agent, get your Glimpse of Tomorrow on the stack for free and spin the “switch permanents” wheel!

You have several cards that will give you free permanents, as your goal is to amass as many game objects as possible before your Glimpse of Tomorrow.

Chancellor of the Forge, Khalni Garden, Seasoned Pyromancer and Wavesifter are all excellent at getting things into play early as well as being solid hit off of Glimpse of Tomorrow. Chancellor of the Forge in particular can let you win the game the same turn you’re resolving Glimpse, especially through a Violent Outburst, since the hasty tokens will get+1/+0.

Omnath, Locus of Creation is another amazing hit, since the lands you hit off Glimpse will trigger it as well, giving you four mana back immediately. Finally, there’s Goblin Dark-Dwellers as well, which will let you cast Glimpse again for free as you float mana with your lands and multiply your permanents.


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