One of MTG’s Most Popular Tribes is Back in Legacy!


Legacy Merfolk by Davide Schiesaro



Merfolk just got Top 8 in a major Legacy event this weekend! It was during the 393-player 4 Seasons Tournament in Bologna and Davide Schiesaro went all the way to 8-1 with his Merfolk!

True-Name Nemesis (Timeshifted)Lord of AtlantisHullbreacherGrip of Phyresis

But it’s not just Merfolk. In fact, we see three copies of Brazen Borrower and two copies of Hullbreacher (although it’s a Merfolk too) in the main deck alongside three Chalice of the Void, turning this into a Blue Prison deck. The goal is to stop some of what the opponent is doing while applying a lot of pressure with the Lord of Atlantis and Master of the Pearl Trident’s team.

The most important of all Merfolk remains True-Name Nemesis, which thrives in Legacy at the moment, since black seems to be extinguished and Plague Engineer is nowhere to be seen. True-Name Nemesis is impossible to deal with for many decks, and it will quickly kill you whenever paired with the various Lords that will pump it even more.

In the sideboard we see a very uncommon card: Grip of Phyresis. It’s great for stealing Equipment which are notoriously a huge pain for Merfolk decks; Stoneforge Mystic into Batterskull has always been a very hard curve to beat and this card can solve that problem since a Mother of Runes won’t be able to protect it!


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