24 thoughts on “Noobie and the Dood, Episode 6”

  1. Nice show. After the initial WTF??? effect it is funny. What i didn´t get this time and last time is the top8. Do you have to be an american to understand the puns?

  2. the thing i like best about this show is the great music. just the credit song had my tearing up!

  3. how amany rounds must newbie lose.. every damn GPT ptq side draft pre/relesse noncasual game \.. unless the dood playing and then he loses all of them too.. in fast he lost 4 games to me in the time i took to type this coment and he didnt even know he was playing.. what a noob(ie)

  4. Loved the bit at the end. Not a big fan of the card reading thing, but you guys still do good work.

  5. Good stuff, as always. The “Black Rock City” Top 8 Spot totally caught me off guard…..lol (for those that don’t know, it is another name for Burning Man)

  6. I was skeptical about watching this at first because i have seen many magic videos and listened to all kinds of pod casts. This was the only one i found delightfully entertaining. thanks for the video and I hope to see more.

  7. Has Noobie & the Dood met their demise????? Too bad really. I looked forward to each and every episode like i do each week with “House”. I miss you guys! you’re like family to me. Please come back!!!!!! 🙁

  8. there needs to be another episode! i miss the new episodes of noobie and the dood. if the show is officially over, why is the banner still on the main page of CF? it says “click to view the newest episode of noobie and the dood” and every now and then i click it… only to find the same old episode 6 up…. we want more noobie and the dood!!

  9. More Noobie! More Dude! The MTG world needs a kick in the pants like only this comedic duo can provide. Something to offset all these dry-as-toast hemming-and-hawing pro-playing ruminants. Fie on them!

  10. Noobie, Dude where are yoooouuuuuu!

    Seriously though, I am actually getting tired of watching the other episodes over and over. I didn’t really believe they could get old but they actually are starting to now. Cole back please!

  11. Noobie….Noobie and the Dood.
    One more episode is ninety-nine percent done and soon will be shipped to you.
    It has News
    and interviews.

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