16 thoughts on “Noobie and the Dood, Episode 5”

  1. great episode guys:)
    one thing id like to like to add is that there should be a disclaimer reading- “Wrath of god not covered” or something:p

  2. the picture in the background for the commercial should have progenitus. because you claim to protect you from Everything 😉

    But another great show, they are getting better.

    So how did Noobie do in the 5K with his rats?

  3. This kind of humor is difficult to pull off. It is unfunny up until a point, where it goes from being annoying and maybe mildly amusing, to being very funny. There’s not a lot of in between.

    Noobie and the Dood always manages to stay on the right side of that line, and the result is a show that is consistently funny. Very, very funny. I can’t wait for the next one!

  4. That Maelstrom Pulse had me roaring, if only because a similar thing happened to me at the last PTQ involving triple Stalwart on turn 2…
    Keep it up!

  5. Sorry LSV, but Noobie definately attacked with 6 rats, which was 42 points of damage. I didn’t see any blockers on your side… I know that Pulse didn’t come out at instant speed! Game 1 – Noobie.

    Awesome vid. The LSV look of incredulity was classic.

  6. I like the new part of the Intro with bad M10 commons being thrown into the Band’s case instead of change… NICE!

  7. A real hit-and-miss show. Lots of misses, but it goes at a fast enough pace that the few hits are still worth sticking around for.

    I like it, but I wouldn’t mind if this diamond gets shaved a little more before it comes online.

  8. Very cool. I hope some people learn to tap cards with this video, because the way some people do it is like they need to half tap 2 lands to get 1 mana. I guess their creatures should do half damage as well, right?

  9. Wow… didn’t think you guys could beat episode four, but this one was very very funny. Love the end credit song as always. The news section always has me rolling on the floor.

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