No Monkey, No Problem – Modern Izzet Murktide Ditches Ragavan


Modern No Monkey Murktide by Greenprinny



The addition of Ledger Shredder to Modern has breathed a lot of life into archetypes that had previously been struggling, but it’s left Izzet Murktide players scratching their heads trying to figure out the right split of creatures. Pilots are very divided, with players advocating for every imaginable split possible of these 16 creatures. It’s my opinion that in this archetype, you want to play at least 12 creatures, ideally no more that 14 and definitely not more that 15, but figuring out the right numbers is going to take some time.

Ledger ShredderRagavan, Nimble Pilferer

Two weeks ago, I tried cutting Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer from this list completely, and while removing the monkey from your deck might seem like madness, it allows all your creatures to have flying and to provide an amazing amount of card advantage. Building the deck this way gives you a lot of extra percentage points versus Yawgmoth, Hammer Time and I’ve also found it to be marginally better in the Murktide mirror and versus Omnath. 

I was unsure how good this build was, but over the weekend, MTGO user Greenprinny had the same idea and Top 8’d the Modern challenge with this 75. While I’m still unsure that this is the best way to build the deck, it’s at least proven itself to be reasonable and is probably the best build in certain metagames (or if you don’t want to buy Ragavans).


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