New Spoilers for Streets of New Capenna Revealed!

Streets of New Capenna spoiler season kicked off in a jazzy fashion with Wizards of the Coast’s preview show, revealing the five new crime families, one of the set’s three planeswalkers and even a Phyrexian visitor to the city of (formerly) angels.



First, there’s the Brokers, a law firm and contractor makers that bind you (and themselves) to their word. Their new mechanic, shield, acts like a “one-off” indestructible counter, protecting a creature and removing the counter in the process. You can see this in their leader, Falco Spara, Pactweaver and Disciplined Duelist.

Next, there’s the Obscura, a gang of con artists and blackmailers. Players already got a taste of their boss, Raffine, but they also revealed more on their signature mechanic, connive in Ledger Shredder. Essentially, connive lets you draw, then discard, and if you discarded a nonland card, the creature gets a +1/+1 counter. Filtering with buffs? Sign me up!

Moving on, there’s the Maestros, a family of assassins masquerading as art collectors and enthusiasts. Lord Xander was already spoiled, but their latest mechanic, casualty, is sure to turn some heads (or remove some). Think of casualty a bit like “spell exploit,” letting you sacrifice creatures (provided they have enough power) to copy a spell.

Continuing onwards, the Riveteers represent the working class of New Capenna as the workers who helped build the city (not on rock ‘n’ roll, though). Their signature mechanic, blitz, acts a bit like the dash mechanic (as seen on everyone’s favorite Monkey, Ragavan), except when the creature dies, you draw a card, and you have to sacrifice it at the end of turn instead of bouncing it to your hand. You can see this mechanic on Jaxis, the Troublemaker, and benefit greatly from it with the Riveteer leader, Ziatura, the Incinterator.

Last, but certainly not least, there’s the Cabaretti, who hold a firm grip on the entertainment industry of New Capenna. It’s a never-ending party for them, and their “more the merrier” aspect was previously seen on their lead, Jetmir. Their mechanic, alliance, triggers when a creature enters the battlefield under your control, and the effect differs from card to card. Panharmonicon anyone?

Don’t forget – each crime family will be getting their own Commander deck in this year’s Commander set! Get ready to build around each of their mechanics with the new face cards!

On top of all these mechanics, one old mechanic is returning. All the way from Lorwyn, hideaway is making a comeback!

Some of the story of New Capenna was alluded to as well, which revolves around halo (editor’s note: halo is NOT a drug, do not represent as such at prerelease). This substance can be used for anything, from making gizmos and gadgets to consuming as a safe, non-drug related drink. However, it’s in short supply, and control over it means control over the city too. Whoever owns this Halo Fountain must be feeling pretty good, in a non-drug related way.

The secret of halo though is revealed to be literal angel essence, or juice, or something in between. More importantly, Elspeth is going to the plane, which Ajani tells her may be her actual homeplane, to investigate how the world apparently defeated a Phyrexian invasion. Apparently, this halo was the key to their success, and a much snazzier Elspeth, revealed in Elspeth Resplendent, is here to find out, while Vivien helps investigate and Ob Nixilis seeks to climb the ranks of the crime families.

Speaking of Phyrexians, it seems they’re pretty interested in New Capenna once more. However, our returning Praetor isn’t known as a diehard fan of the Phyrexian order, so it’ll be interesting to see what Urabrask, Heretic Praetor’s goals are.

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