New Modern Oswald Fiddlebender Tech in New Capenna!


Modern Boros Fiddlebender by bbotonline

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I’m a big fan of Oswald Fiddlebender in Modern. The card offers you lots of interesting deckbuilding decisions, convoluted gameplay lines and powerful combos. Over the weekend MTGO user bbotonline found some interesting new technology from the Streets of New Capenna to take their Fiddlebender brew to a fourth place finish in one of this weekend’s Modern challenges.

Halo FountainCrackdown ConstructLightning Greaves

That tech is Halo Fountain, which can occasionally serve as a value engine, but is mostly here so that you can untap your Fiddlender. Untapping Fiddlebender (or Goblin Engineer) can either generate you a lot of value over the course of a few turns or allow you to sacrifice your Halo Fountain in order to get Crackdown Construct, which gives you infinite hasty damage with Lightning Greaves.

I’m excited to see how this deck evolves from here, and I really recommend picking up this list if you like toolboxes and complicated puzzles to solve. 


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