New Modern Jund Sagavan Tech with Elvish Reclaimer!


Modern Jund Reclaimer Saga by gruber_benedikt



Just last week, Reid Duke wrote an excellent Deep Dive. Today though, I want to highlight a variation on the archetype that Sanitoeter brought to the Top 8 of Sunday’s Modern Challenge.

Elvish ReclaimerUrza's SagaWrenn and Six

Elvish Reclaimer isn’t a card we see every day in Modern – it’s quite popular in Legacy thanks to Dark Depths and Gaea’s Cradle – and here we see them taking Dragon’s Rage Channeler’s place in order to give the deck even better lategame thanks to four Urza’s Saga.

Urza’s Saga can already be recurred in this deck thanks to Wrenn and Six, so between Wrenn and the Elvish Reclaimers, it’s like you’re playing 12 copies of it, which has proven to be one of the best card in Modern Horizons 2.

Another important change that Sanitoeter made to the stock Jund Sagavan list is cutting Mishra’s Bauble, which is less good with the departure of Dragon’s Rage Channeler, but it’s still outstanding with Lurrus of the Dream-Den.

A narrow card that we see already in the main deck  is Tourach, Dread Cantor, which acts mainly as a hate piece for UW Control and four-color Yorion decks that have a very hard time fighting it.


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