New Historic Decks! Historic Power Rankings – 11/16/21

There hasn’t been a lot of Historic action lately, so there isn’t much data to draw conclusions from. Most testing teams are keeping things quiet before the Set Championship, which has a deck submission deadline in about two weeks. Instead of telling you why Jund Sacrifice has a good matchup against creatures thanks to Mayhem Devil for the 12th week in a row, I’ll try to focus on highlighting some new things I saw lately. So before we dive into the actual power rankings, here are some interesting new Historic decks I’ve noticed during the last two weeks.




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Seth’s Izzet Turns


Is this deck for real? I’m not sure, but I will definitely want to try it out for myself. Seth mentioned he was beating pretty much everything, including Humans, which sounds like an annoying matchup thanks to cards like Thalia and Elite Spellbinder. Unexpected Windfall is a risky card to play in a format full of cards like Dovin’s Veto and Negate, but the most popular decks lately have been creature decks, so it’s probably fine.


AlhtMTG’s Yorion Incarnation


AlhtMTG took this deck to the #8 rank on Arena, which is really impressive for a brew, though to put things in perspective, I think it’s worth noting that the date on this run is November 2, meaning there probably weren’t that many total mythic players. Still, if you’re looking for something different to play that your opponent will very likely not expect and know how to play against, this deck could be a fine option.


Feel_icks’ Jund Citadel


Felix went 14-1 over the two Historic Arena Qualifier days, which is an impressive run. Jund Sacrifice isn’t exactly something new, but Yawgmoth, Thran Physician and a full playset of Bolas’s Citadel definitely aren’t cards we’re used to seeing in the top performing Historic decks. My biggest question is if the sacrifice part of the deck with four Collected Companies did most of the heavy lifting or if Yawgmoth and Citadel are the key pieces that take this deck to the next level. 


Seth’s Jeskai Turns


I believe this deck originally comes from Zan Syed and it sure does look interesting. The idea is to take extra turns with Chance for Glory and counter the losing trigger with Stifle or a Gideon of the Trials emblem. In addition to that, you also have Lier, Disciple of the Drowned to rebuy Chance from your graveyard and Strict Proctor in combination with Lotus Field to get ahead on mana. Tier 1 deck? Probably not, but another interesting brew. 


AlthMTG’s #1 Heliod Combo


I actually just noticed this deck comes from the same person with the Incarnation brew earlier, which makes it even more impressive. I covered this deck about a month ago in a deck guide and I believe it is a fairly powerful deck for the Historic format. Voice of the Blessed is an interesting new addition and clearly this deck has what it takes to compete with the best deck on the ladder. 


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Hullbreaker HorrorStormchaser Drake


Now for the actual power rankings, I don’t think much changed in the format. One of the most interesting new cards is Hullbreaker Horror, which could create a new build of Jeskai or perhaps Dimir Control. Seven mana is a lot, but eight toughness means it doesn’t die to Unholy Heat. You can’t counter it either, so the only cards that really deal with it are not very common removal spells like Doom Blade

Another card I am quite excited to try is Stormchaser Drake, which should make Azorius Auras a lot more consistent. Keeping your opening seven is usually the biggest struggle with this kind of deck, because you really need to find your two-drop creature that draws you a card for every Aura. Having an extra playset of Drakes that already has flying built in should definitely be a huge improvement for this deck. 

Time will tell which Crimson Vow cards will impact the format the most. The Set Championship is during the weekend of December 3, so make sure you tune in to catch the latest brews and well-tuned top decks from the pros.


1. Selesnya Humans


2. Izzet Phoenix


3. Rakdos Arcanist


4. Jeskai Control


5. Jund Food


6. Azorius Auras

Sram, Senior EdificerStormchaser DrakeKor Spiritdancer


7. Gruul Aggro


8. Mono-Red Delirium


9. Shamans


10. Five-Color Niv


See you next time with a pre-Set Championship Power Rankings where we can try to make predictions about the metagame!


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