New #1 Deck! – Standard 2022 Power Rankings – 8/2/21

I’ve spent another week playing Standard 2022. I’ve been extremely happy with Bant Party, which was surely the deck I played the most this week. Also, Standard 2022 has been added to Untapped.gg. If you’re interested in finding specific win rates of decks that didn’t make the Standard 2022 Power Rankings, check them out there.




1. Orzhov Control


Orzhov Control is my pick for the best deck in Standard 2022 right now. I think it has good chances in every matchup and a great game plan. Sweepers are ridiculously good in 2022, and in addition to Blood on the Snow as a card, it’s very synergistic in this deck. Orzhov has a great early, mid and late game, which is a great recipe for any deck. Orzhov Control has a 68.5 percent win rate from Platinum to Mythic on Untapped.gg.

2. Bant Party


This deck has totally surprised me. My personal record with it has been great, and the deck is very strong. It has a cheap one-mana counter, synergistic cards, an aggressive strategy and ways to generate long term card advantage and snowball small advantages, making Bant Party a very strong deck. Bant Party has a 64.5 percent win rate on Untapped.gg from Platinum to Mythic.

3. Izzet Dragons


Izzet has a great game plan as well, between excellent card advantage, cheap interaction, good counters and a solid top-end. Goldspan Dragon/Alrund’s Epiphany is one of the best combos in 2022, and the deck uses it very well. Izzet Dragons has a 56.3 percent win rate on Untapped.gg.


4. Mono-Green


Mono-Green is the best of the two monocolored aggro decks in Standard 2022. The deck has fast and powerful creatures, and actually great removal too in the form of Blizzard Brawl. It has a little resilience against sweepers due to Old-Growth Troll and Esika’s Chariot, and the deck has continually been among the best in the format. Untapped.gg reports that Mono-Green has a 60.2 percent win rate from Platinum to Mythic.


5. Mono-White

Mono-White is the other monocolored aggro deck in the format. I actually thought the gap between green and white was larger a couple weeks ago, but white has really impressed me. The deck is super fast, and oftentimes, on the draw against Mono-White, if I don’t have a perfect hand, I’ve felt helpless as I just get completely run over. Mono-White has a 64.2 percent win rate according to Untapped.gg.


6. Orzhov Angels


Orzhov Angels has declined for a while since sweepers have been on the rise. The deck plays a lot at sorcery speed and very susceptible to strong interaction. Angels has a 60.8 percent win rate on Untapped.gg, which is definitely nothing to scoff at.


7. Selesnya Magecraft


Selesnya Magecraft is a pet deck of mine. I’ve always enjoyed this type of deck, and I find this one to be pretty strong. It’s not the best deck in the format, but it has good plans against most decks, and definitely has game. The deck has a 54.5 percent win rate on Untapped.gg.


8. Simic Ramp


I’ve never found this deck to be as strong as the results, but this could definitely be a me problem and not a deck problem. I find that this decks struggles against lists that have reasonable answers to Koma, Cosmos Serpent, even tempo answers. That being said, Simic Ramp has a 60.9 percent win rate from Platinum to Mythic on Untapped.gg.



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