New #1 Deck! Alchemy Power Rankings – 1/17/22

The Arena Open was this past weekend, and it helped to give us a clearer picture of Alchemy’s competitive Best-of-Three metagame. This coming weekend there will be an Arena Qualifier held in the same format. Here are the decks you should prepare to face.

Thanks to Untapped.GG for providing stats to help inform these Rankings.




10. Clerics

Clerics is a powerful tribal strategy that centers around Inquisitor Captain and Righteous Valkyrie. It can come in Esper or Orzhov forms, and uses life gain synergies to bury opposing creature decks. A key card is Inquisitor Captain. A particularly good reason to splash Blue is the ability to hit Glasspool Mimic and copy your Captain for extra value.

Orzhov Clerics had a 58 percent win rate from Silver to Mythic. 

9. Mono-Red Dragons

Dragons was the deck to beat going into the Arena Open. The archetype is fueled by Fearsome Whelp and Town-Razer Tyrant, whose land “burn” ability is a nightmare for opponents scrambling to stabilize the battlefield and their life total.

Mono-Red has the advantage of a clean mana base and great use of snow spells like Frost Bite and Tundra Fumarole.

Mono-Red Dragons had a 59.3 percent win rate from Silver to Mythic.

8. Mono-White

Usher of the FallenIntrepid AdversaryAdeline, Resplendent Cathar

Mono-White is another great way to use Inquisitor Captain, which is one of the strongest “build-around” cards in Alchemy. It’s fast and punishing, which can be a great place to be if everyone else is caught up in arms race of the control mirror match.

I didn’t find Mono-White to be a major player in the Arena Open, but I included it in the Rankings due to its impressive stats on Untapped.gg. I won’t be surprised if it’s a sleeper deck that winds up putting up a good showing this weekend. Mono-White Humans had a 59.6 percent win rate from Silver to Mythic. 

7. Rakdos Midrange

Last week, Rakdos Vampires made the list. This time, it’s a non-tribal midrange deck courtesy of streamer Eliott_Dragon. It plays all of the format’s best removal spells alongside threats like Town-razer Tyrant, Sorin the Mirthless and Bloodthirsty Adversary. Eliott_Dragon went 8-1 in the Open, and I’m expecting his homebrew deck to take off in popularity. 

6. Esper Control

Esper Control pairs Key to the Archive and Discover the Formula with premium white and black removal spells like Vanishing Verse. I saw two Esper players, Andrew Cuneo and Yuki Matsumoto, both manage 6-2 records in the Arena Open. 

5. Boros Dragons

Last week’s number one was targeted as a deck to beat in the Arena Open, but still managed to hold its own. Boros Dragons taps into white to access Valorous Stance, Adult Gold Dragon and Divine Purge. Purge is particularly powerful because it wipes the board of opposing creatures while leaving your big Dragons intact. 

Other reasons to splash white might include Nadaar, Selfless Paladin, Velomachus Lorehold, Strict Proctor, Angelfire Ignition, Reidane, God of the Worthy and Elite Spellbinder.

Boros Dragons had a 60.8 percent win rate from Silver to Mythic, which is still the highest ladder win rate of any archetype. 

4. Mono-Green

Green is another clean, effective monocolor strategy. It’s highly successful in classic Standard and Alchemy alike. 

Some nice Alchemy-specific cards include Tenacious Pup, Grizzled Huntmaster and Lupine Harbingers. 

Victor Martins went 8-0 with Mono-Green on his way to winning a tournament hosted by Seth Manfield this past weekend. Mono-Green had a 56.5 percent overall win rate from Silver to Mythic.

3. Werewolves

Werewolves is another tribal approach to the format that’s both fast and punishing. It’s much stronger in Alchemy than it is in classic Standard. 

A few Alchemy-specific cards that Werewolves puts to good use include Tenacious Pup, Rahilda, Wanted Cutthroat, Lupine Harbingers and sometimes Forsaken Crossroads.

I wasn’t certain if I should rank Werewolves quite this high, but it was an impressive intersection of good stats on Untapped.gg and a notable showing in the Arena Open. Frank Karsten went 8-1 in the open, while Naya Werewolves had a 57 percent win rate from Silver to Mythic.

2. Orzhov Control

Like Mono-Black, Orzhov Control is an effective anti-creature strategy which utilizes The Meathook Massacre to wipe the board. It touches into white for the premium removal spells of Vanishing Verse and Rite of Oblivion, plus additional threat options including Wedding Announcement and Edgar, Charmed Groom

Orzhov was my weapon of choice for the Arena Open and I had a positive experience with it (I won’t spoil the exact result, since my video recordings will be rolling out on the YouTube channel this week). However, I can tell you that Tom Ross went 8-0 with the same 75-card deck list. Orzhov Control also had an impressive 59.2 percent win rate from Silver to Mythic.

1. Izzet Control

Lier, Disciple of the DrownedExpressive IterationGalvanic Iteration

Blue control can come in a lot of forms, but Izzet was the hot deck of the Arena Open. Arne Huschenbeth, Yuuki Ichikawa, Sam Rolph and Corey Baumeister are all players that finished in the money while piloting Izzet Control. 

These strategy centers around Lier, Disciple of the Drowned while Expressive Iteration, Unexpected Windfall and Galvanic Iteration help you churn through your deck and fill your graveyard. Two Alchemy-specific key cards are Discover the Formula and Key to the Archive. Perpetually reducing the costs of your spells is powerful in long games, and great when reusing spells via Lier. 

Izzet Control had a 51.8 percent win rate from Silver to Mythic. That’s not a super impressive number, but I believe these Control decks can be very rewarding for experienced pilots with tuned deck lists.


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