Need to Beat Burn? Play Pauper Mono-Blue Delver!


Pauper Mono-Blue Delver by Medvedev



Mono-Blue Delver is having a fantastic time since Monastery Swiftspear and Rakdos Burn are rising in Pauper, with a win at Paupergeddon Pisa (340 players) first and a win in this Sunday’s challenge.

The deck has a rough matchup against Affinity, but with the uptick of these red strategies, it’s the perfect time to pick up 18 basic Islands!

Moon-Circuit HackerOf One MindSpellstutter Sprite

You’re playing an aggro deck with 24 creatures and some combat tricks. The number of cantrips has been reduced to zero without a single Preordain or Ponder. Of One Mind is instead your card advantage engine with evenly split number of 12 Humans and 12 non-Humans.

Snap isn’t just a free interaction to remove a Gurmag Angler or to interact with a lethal Kiln Fiend, it’s also a way to trigger Spellstutter Sprite an additional time, bouncing it in response to a spell, untapping two lands and countering the spell. It’s basically copies five through eight of Spellstutter Sprite once you draw your first.

Moon-Circuit Hacker makes the deck more consistent, providing an additional card advantage engine on top of Ninja of the Deep Hours and Of One Mind.

The sideboard is also a big reason why this deck is performing so well lately. With a whopping four Blue Elemental Blast and four Hydroblast, this deck does not want to lose to Mono-Red, which is everyone’s #1 fear ever since Monastery Swiftspear hit the Pauper format. 


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