Need Better Answers? Add Black for Esper Control in MTG Pioneer


Pioneer Esper Control by Salty_Orange



Azorius Control as an archetype in Pioneer has a ton of powerful tools at its disposal, and while some players continue to have success with Azorius Control variants, there is always a glaring issue with these decks. The issue is a clear lack of good cheap spot removal, and usually Azorius Control mages have to resort to cards like Fateful Absence or Portable Hole, which can feel downright underwhelming.

Vanishing Verse

This issue is easily enough fixed however by splashing black for what I believe to be the best removal spell in the format: Vanishing Verse. Verse is one of the most versatile answers in the format, as it can deal with any nonland card type, exiles problematic permanents like Cavalier of Thorns and Arclight Phoenix, is a cheap two-mana instant and there are relatively few multicolored threats that dodge the card.

Fatal Push

Esper also gives the control archetype access to Fatal Push, an important tool for mana matchups. Going forward, I expect Esper Control variants to cement themselves as the superior control deck in Pioneer, and I think this 5-0 list from MTGO user Salty_Orange is a good example of the deck. I do think that 60 versus 80 card versions is going to be a hot topic going forward, and I am excited to see how the deck evolves over the next few weeks. 


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  1. The list you have includes Search for Azcanta. Do you still like that card in a world with March of Otherworldy Light, Portable Hole, Vanishing Verse and other answers?

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