Navigating Your First Calling for Flesh and Blood

You may be new to events or, like many of us, just out of practice thanks to over a year of staying safe at home. The time has come to emerge from isolation and get back to playing games with friends old and new, and we’re here to give you a little guidance along the way for all The Calling events coming up from September!

First of all, if you haven’t heard about The Calling yet, check out the website for dates and details.

Once you’re up to speed and know which events you want to go to, what can you actually expect when you arrive?

Landing at an event can be a little daunting. The halls are big and there are a lot of people. Don’t panic! We’ll have staff on-site who can let you know where to register for events, go to the bathroom, get food, buy cards, whatever you need. Everything will be signposted too, so you should have no trouble making your way around, but if you do get lost or a little overwhelmed, don’t be afraid to ask!

When you first arrive, you’ll want to check in if you signed up online, make sure you’re registered and pick up a package if you purchased one. There will be a registration desk near the main entrance, so keep your eyes open for signage.

las vegas calling floor plan

Once that’s out of the way, you’ll probably want to jump into an event. Beside the check-in desk is usually where you’ll be able to register for side events, so check out the schedule and find the one you want to play. It’s best to register early to make sure you make it on time. For the larger events, aim to be in the hall around 30 minutes early, in case there’s any delays. You don’t want to miss your first round!

When you’re registered for an event, you’ll be called once it starts, so be in the hall a little bit before the scheduled start time. We’ll announce its beginning and let you know where to go – there are color-coded gathering points with big flags, you can’t miss them, so find the one the announcement mentions and you’ll find your event.

Gathering points are great if you get lost or can’t find your friends too.

Judges are there to help you during events, but are always friendly and knowledgeable, so don’t be afraid to ask questions outside your event too – as long as they’re not dealing with a question about someone’s match!

For some events, especially the larger ones, you will need to register a deck list. This can only be done online, so make sure you do that before your event to avoid any problems. For the main event, it’s especially important.

While we’re talking about the main event, you can register for most events while you’re on site, but for the main event you do need to register in advance, so don’t just show up, make sure you sign up in advance so you aren’t disappointed on the day.

Players in the main event may be called to be part of the live event coverage. If that happens, you’ll be directed to a different play area (one with cameras). A judge will help you find it if you need their help and the coverage staff will make sure everything is fully explained.

If you’re not interested in the main event, there are a ton of side events. A full schedule is available for each Calling on the Fabevents.gg website. There’s plenty to do whether you’re competitive or more casual. You can also visit vendors to pick up any cards you need or just browse the Flesh and Blood selection.

You may also want to check out the Tales of Aria WORLD PREMIERE if you’re at the Las Vegas Calling. It’s going to be the first time players get their hands on the latest Flesh and Blood set, so check it out here and register early to secure your spot.

Okay, so you’ve registered for some events, got your deck list submitted, got your deck ready. Now what?

An essential is food. Be aware you can only consume food and drinks purchased at the event concessions stands, but a piece of fruit or cereal bar in your backpack to eat outside for a quick break is a good snack to have. Water bottles are totally okay to bring of course, and make sure you stay hydrated.

If you don’t bring any food at all, you’ll find a selection for sale on-site, though if you have any dietary restrictions, it’s best to bring something in case there’s nothing that you can eat.

Accommodations are something you should definitely book in advance, and we have partnered with local hotels to give you preferred rates on rooms in each Calling city. Check it out on the website for the details.

If it’s your first big event, be aware of some general etiquette. Be polite to your opponents, ask permission to touch their cards if you need to read them and keep drinks and food off the table at all costs!

And if you can’t make it, don’t be too sad, you can catch all four main events live on Twitch.tv/channelfireball.

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