To get in the spirit of the history-making largest ever Magic tournament, we’ve asked a few of our favorite Magic personalities for their origin story—how they started playing Magic, their first tournament, and their first GP. Check back all month long for their stories, and get in on the conversation yourself with #MyMagicHistory!

What’s your Magic origin?

#MyMagicHistory started with classic kitchen table Magic with friends whom I learned from when I was 8 years old. We’d even shuffle most of our owned cards together in giant 200-plus-card “decks” which made for really varied game play, and we just didn’t know better strategically.

I remember going to my first prerelease which used to be like a small GP with 300-400 participants. The energy at those events was palpable, with each player excited at all the new cards and the exciting possibilities soon to be explored. Years went by, and while I still enjoyed playing casually, I eventually stepped up my game by attending FNMs somewhat regularly and playing lots of Magic Online.

My real Magic advancement started in college when I went to UC Berkeley and met an avid group of gamers, including Lucas Siow, a very strong player who greatly advanced my game.
After a year or two, our college playgroup decided to go to GP Kansas 2008, and I decided to attend too since we’d have a fun trip no matter how I ended up doing in the actual games.
I’ve since become far more competitive, but Magic as a game and as a network of friends has never changed for me.

What gets you excited about how #GPVegas will make Magic history?

I’m super excited for #GPVegas because I know it’s going to capture this one-of-a-kind energy that comes from special Magic tournaments, and being there with my friends will be a priceless experience.

What’s your Magic origin, and how will you make history? Let us know with #MyMagicHistory on Twitter!


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