My Wishlist for Monarch Spoilers

My Wishlist for Monarch Spoilers

With previews just starting to roll in, everyone is starting to get excited about Monarch, myself included. A lot of information is still unknown, so with that in mind here are my hopes, wishes and predictions for what we might see from the Flesh and Blood Monarch spoilers in the next couple of weeks.


My Wishlist for Monarch Spoilers - New Classes?

While we’ll definitely be getting new heroes (with two already mentioned in previews already), whether or not we get new classes has yet to be confirmed. We can draw on some information from the Monarch Gallery page which splits the set into 11 separate sections.

The Light and Shadow-specific sections have already been confirmed based on the card numbers of those already released with along with a generic section at the end. As the set is intended to be played in both Limited and Constructed, there needs to be enough tokens and class specific cards available for every readily available hero. Two of the 18 tokens have already been released and presumably a third will be cracked bauble, leaving only 15 left to be revealed.

In the previous sets, each hero was released with at least three tokens – one weapon, an adult and a young hero version of the card, for a total of 16 tokens out of 18. All in all, this makes it highly unlikely that there will be more than four heroes released in total within the set or even different versions of these heroes for Light and Shadow

This makes the separation on the card gallery page even more puzzling. With eight specific sections, usually classified by class in the previous four sets, it would suggest there are eight separate sets of class-specific cards which are intended to be released! This could mean all sorts of interesting things for the set itself. Perhaps the new heroes will have two class tags? Maybe there will be some way to play cards from other classes similar to what Shiyana has? Light and Shadow subtypes have already been released so maybe there are more which have not yet been revealed – perhaps a God subtype? Could these new heroes be able to transform in someway? This has been a recurring theme on Rathe, none more so than the first Arknight.


Become the Arknight


Out of all the existing heroes, Viserai has the most in common with the themes in Monarch, giving up the light side in favor of the power of the shadow and becoming consumed by it. If anyone was to get a additional support or an alternative hero or class, it’ll be him.

Having said that, I think there are only two probably options for what LSS will do with the heroes and classes in my mind. The first is that we see four completely new classes or support for classes in this set that have not been given specific cards (like Merchant or Shiyana). The other is that each of the existing eight classes is given support and the new heroes can interact and play cards from multiple classes in some way. The main reason being Monarch is intended to be a complete set (i.e. draftable) and also with enough support for these heroes to compete with the existing eight classes in constructed.

With only four heroes expected, if full support for an existing class is given, they’ll probably be the most powerful in Constructed by a long way, with access to two complete sets worth of class-specific cards rather than a single set for those that miss out. With eight unique classes included in the set, it would almost be unplayable as a Limited format with out some sort of interaction between them. I think the first option is the most likely as it fits better with the other themes of the set.


My Wishlist for Monarch Spoilers - Power Over Efficiency

If you look back at the most successful decks from the past year or so, the common theme present throughout is that consistency and efficiency have mostly been valued over individual card strength. No decks represent this more so than the two most oppressive heroes in the Blitz and Classic Constructed formats respectively.


Ira, Crimson HazeDash, Inventor Extraordinaire


I won’t go too deep into the details of why they’ve been so successful, as many people in the community have talked about it, but in essence, the two heroes offer the most reliable and consistent game plans in their respective formats. This style of gameplay is favored by many of the top players as it allows the game to drag on and gives them more opportunities to outplay their opponents. Personally, I much prefer a game plan at the opposite end of the spectrum.


Bloodrush BellowMordred TideBlazing AetherLord of Wind


Instead of maximizing efficiency and trying to utilize your entire hand every turn, playing with these cards is all about setting up and unleashing at the right moment. We have already seen Legend Story Studios ban their first card, Drone of Brutality, and they’ve indicated clearly that they want to make sure the game is played in such a way that “Every Card Counts” rather than “Every Card is Expendable,” pushing the game more towards this style of play.

I don’t think this style of deck is particularly weak at the moment. The advantage you gain by playing it (if at all) doesn’t currently justify the added difficulty of playing the deck for most players. While watching Ira mirrors is fun the first few times, watching how players gain incremental advantage every turn over their opponent to eventually win the match, it becomes a bit stagnant after awhile and I really hope they address the dominance of these types of decks with Monarch.


My Wishlist for Monarch Spoilers - A Battle for All of Rathe


While we’re clearly getting Light and Shadow mechanics with Monarch, it’s yet to be seen how these will translate to the existing heroes and classes already released. Are they already defined and we just don’t know it yet, or perhaps you can choose a side and include only that type of card in your deck? It seems unlikely that they’ll restrict the mechanic to the new heroes in the set only, and I really hope they don’t, but it’s a possibility. I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough, but I think it would be great if each hero could choose a side to fight on, perhaps via a token, opening up so many more options for deck building which is one of my favorite parts of the game.


My Wishlist for Monarch Spoilers - Realization of Resource Mechanics

Legend Story Studios have stated that the resource mechanic will be fully realized in Monarch and I can’t wait to see how it ends up. Interestingly, the Light cards currently released have all been yellow while the Shadow cards have been both blue and red.



Could this be a clue as to how these two sides play out differently or even which of the existing heroes souls are bound to the Light? Perhaps not, but it would be pretty awesome if all of the Light cards were yellow.

No soul cards have been revealed for the Shadow subtype either, indicating that perhaps they’ve given up their soul to the Shadows, which is another cool flavor aspect hinted at in this set. Out of everything released so far, the most exciting thing I’m looking forward to is the blood debt mechanic. Having to put six cards with blood debt into your banish zone to unleash a Soul Harvester or play six in a single turn to create a Soul Reaper seems awesome. I don’t even care what the tokens do at the moment – I know I’ll be trying to build around getting them out anyway.



What are you most looking forward to with Monarch spoilers? Is there anything you have picked up I might have missed or got wrong? Which side are you on? Comment and let me know below – I’m pretty sure I’ll be a Shadow main for life.



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