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MTGCast Monday Night Magic #243 – GP:ATL and other news
“You read it somewhere else, but you heard it here first!”

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This Week in Magic
This week on MNM, Tristan, Robert, Jack, and Marcel discuss a number of different topics ranging from Tom’s Trip, GP:Atlanta, Mirrodin Besieged Spoilers, The New Team ChannelFireball, and a ‘Super Draft’.

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Tom & Gavin & Jack & Eric & Conley & Steve & Marcel & Robert & Chris – Your Monday Night Magic news team!

CommanderCast #13 – Notoriously Above Average

This is the final episode of CommanderCast’s first season. Andy, Adam and Jeremiah are sending the show off with a pretty sweet finale. We’re looking at the Spirit of EDH, prison lock decks in Commander, and confessions: cards that made us feel like we’re ruining the game when we played them.

Thanks to everyone who listened to us and supported the show, we will be back in a few weeks with more of the same… only MORE BETTER!

As always, check out http://commandercast.blogspot.com/ for more.

Your Host(s): GHoooSTS, SurgingChaos, Fugu, ShivesMcShivers, and panahinuva
Show’s Email: [email protected]

Forcespikes #13 – Wisconsin Winter

In today’s episode, J-bro and Greg-o are joined by the Notorious RUS and the one, the only Sean “the Don” Catanese! We go over an EPIC amount of awesome judge goodness and explore the other side of the judging dynamic. Sprinkle some interesting anecdotes and some worlds stories and you’ve got one heck of a good episode! Check it out!

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Your Host(s): John and Greg
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Forcespikes #14 – JJEERRRREETT FTW!

This week on Forcespikes, our heroes are joined by Judge Jerret and Sam Stoddard of the In Contention podcast. We go over our intro, extended, the good, the bad and the ugly of scars sealed, spoilers and more. We wrap it up with an awesome story from Judge Jerret. Enjoy!

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Your Host(s): John and Greg
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Scrubland #23 – Confusion, Illusion, and Delusion

The Extended PTQ season is in full swing, and Scrubland is here to make sure you are up to date on what’s successful, what’s not, and where we’re going next. Join us as Chris gives us a brief overview of Legacy, DSale shares his insights about Faeries, and Casby tells us all about what’s possible with [card doran, the siege tower]Doran[/card] in Extended.

After the break, we take a much closer look at Brian Kibler’s Caw-Go deck, and DSale is just generally confused by Standard. Then, Chris and DSale take a moment to explore the limited format to come with reverse format drafting in Scars block. Grimbergen’s golden eagle stops in check on the Scrubland’s well-being, and we leave feeling all the better.

5:08 – Legacy with Chris Bourroughs
12:30 – Losing to terrible players sucks
13:00 – Metagaming for Extended in general
20:00 – Working as a Team with Naya
24:30 – Metagaming EXT for your area
27:00 – Faeries mirror with DSale
33:00 – The 2 Different Versions of Faeries
35:00 – Best Spell in Extended
35:45 – Doran?
39:40 – Scrubland’s Predictions for Extended at GP: ATL
44:00 – Break Time!
46:00 – DailyMTG.com
55:30 – Opinion on various MTG Authors
58:30 – Keeping your Opponent Honest
1:03:00 – Doggy Farts
1:04:00 – SCG San Jose T8 Freak out
1:06:10 – Caw-Go .. in depth
1:12:45 – Sale has questions about Caw-Go
1:17:30 – Record Keeping
1:18:45 – Drafting in a Whole New Way
1:21:00 – Interesting New Draft Scenarios
1:29:30 – Smith Cycle?
1:31:00 – Predictions for new Draft format
1:35:00 – Sweet new Hopes for Limited
1:35:50 – Casby is so confused
1:37:30 – Wait, you’re how old?
1:40:00 – DSale’s Beer of the Week review.
1:44:40 – Scrubland goes international
1:45:50 – Battlestar Galactica board gaming

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Your Host(s): Sale, Chris, and Casby
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Dredging for Humor #10 – I Saw Santa Playing Ichorclaws

DFH Episode #10 may include but is not limited to:
2 Guillames. 5 Black and Blue. PVDDLR. No more promies, homies. Fat packs make you thinner. 1 Roast Beef. 9 Pocket Kembas. Harry [card]Dingus Egg[/card] Nog. Mayan drafting techniques. Habanero TP. 12 full art promo porno planeswalkers. Jeff Fahey. Crop dusting a PTQ. Worlds-fu. Snepvangers-fu. Future POTY- fu. Holiday Special. 3 Inductees. 5 Sacrificial Virgins. And a [card]Primeval Titan[/card] named Steve.

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Show produced by Jack Bowen

Your Host(s): Jack Bowen and Friends
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Mana Screwed #37 – Trash Talking Trio

Thanks to our awesome friends at ChannelFireball.com and Milwaukee Magic
Cards and Games! Tons of love to our family of shows at MTGCast.com!

Be sure to check out the Mana Screwed podcast website:

The Show:
In this week’s episode Tangent and Roberto are joined by Jon Medina, Frank Lepore, and Corbin Hosler for some smack talking madness!
Jon Medina Sideboarding versus the sharks

Thief steals cards from a store – history of users backround

KYT interviews Canadian Hall of Famer Gary Wise (Robert talks about this)

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