MTG TikTok – How and Where to Start Going Viral

Starting this article, I can already assume two things about you. First, you love Magic the Gathering, that’s a given. Second, you’re curious about TikTok. Maybe you’re already the type of person who can have a full on conversation with your bestie in TikTok sounds, perhaps you’re someone who has heard about all the great MTG content available on TikTok but you haven’t taken the plunge yet, or you think TikTok is just for kids and you might be concerned there’s no place for you there as an MTG creator (or just a person looking for new MTG creators to follow!)

No matter what category you fall in above, I’ll be laying down some tips and tricks to get started on MTG TikTok, as well as making a cheat sheet list of all the fantastic creators you should already be following on the app!

If you’re a creator of any kind, the type of discoverability and chance to go viral on TikTok is unlike any other social platform. TikTok curates every user’s “For You Page” with extremely tailored and niche content based on their viewing habits. This also is great for MTG creators. You’re likely going to get exactly the kinds of viewers and followers you want: MTG addicts! 

Another interesting thing about the app’s algorithm is the amount of followers a user may have doesn’t necessarily impact their chance of going viral; view time is the biggest key metric. Essentially, a brand new user could essentially create a massive viral hit. A great example of this is @toriofthevast, who created a viral MTG video that reached almost two million viewers, after posting her first video in May of this year! If you’re a MTG creator and the chance for this kind of reach for free doesn’t excite you, I’m not exactly sure what will.



Header - Starting Recommendations

If you’re looking to get started creating on the app, I have a few recommendations that I’ve conveniently compacted into a list format!

  •  Watch a lot of TikTok. Understand the trends, popular sounds, and general workings of editing inside the app. As you go through, start favoriting sounds. Comedy and humor, as well as trends perform extremely well, are definitely where I would start as a new creator.
  • Use popular pre-existing sounds. This will boost your videos tremendously. Listen for music or funny clips that you think you can spin to create a clever MTG themed video. Using your own voiceovers is reasonable as well, but I still recommend putting a popular sound quietly in the background as well just for discoverability sake. 
  • Quantity over quality. Camera quality and editing quality don’t seem massively important to the community in general, so I encourage you to get started no matter what your equipment. Quantity is valued over quality on the app as well, with some sites recommending posting as much as three times a day and utilizing the Live feature to do livestreams as well. 
  • Make original content for TikTok. Reposting horizontal video clips do not seem to perform particularly well, so I would make sure you’re at least recording separately for TikTok than your other video platforms. That being said as well though, you can repost your TikToks to Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts, as well as Twitter for maximum impact. 
  • Engage with your viewers. Similarly to other platforms, reply to your comments and interact with other similar content on the app as well. Encourage viewers to like and comment by asking questions or posing challenges in your videos.
  • Use useful MTG related hashtags. This seems self explanatory, but should help your posts get planted firmly inside the MTG niche early so you can find the type of community you are looking for. 
  • Make sure viewers watch until the end. Keep the length of your videos precise. Watch time and completion rate are incredibly important metrics so if you can think of a great twist to make sure your viewers watch the entire video, it’s massive for you. Keeping people’s attention without them scrolling in the 1st second is huge. This doesn’t mean starting the video slowly necessarily, you have to at least initiate interest so people keep watching.


Header - Who to Follow

There’s already a decently established and incredibly diverse MTG community on the app and your MTG content could definitely find a happy home. I’ve also compiled a list of the absolute must-follow creators for you to find inspiration. Also, if you’re not a creator yourself, congrats for reading this far! Here’s a comprehensive list of some of the funniest and best MTG content from both established and up-and-coming creators you can find if you’re just looking for lols and great content. I know there’s a lot of names, but it’s definitely perfect to curate your initial following if you’re brand new to the app! If you’re already a fan, maybe you’ll find a few new names to search.

Thanks very much for reading and I’m looking forward to seeing you on my For You Page!



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